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Mathieu Dreyfus.jpeg
Mathieu Dreyfus, Group Quality Manager for Technidata

"The main reasons why I would recommend CyberSecura are the quality of the support, the adaptability, the ease and the expertise. I would recommend you because you bring indisputable expertise, while taking into account what your customer expects based on their own context, while being ready to adapt to it."

ISO27001 certification

céline fages.jpeg
Céline Fages, Director for Présantis

"I think I really appreciated the high standards and seriousness shown by David and then Saghar. [...] Once again, everything was concise, fast and efficient, which meant I could follow what was happening almost in real time."

GDPR project

Cybersecurity audit

Capture d’écran 2024-02-06 à 16.13.42.png
Damien Montalan, Information Systems Director for SATA Group

"I really appreciated the compliance process. During our initial discussions, David came up with a ready-to-use template. This gave us a basic corpus, which he was then able to adapt to our specific needs. I felt confident straight away, because I knew that CyberSecura had mastered the subject."

Outsourced DPO

J.S. Beaucamps

Jean-Sebastien Beaucamps,
Ex VP Sodexo Ventures & Digital Partnerships

Jean-Sebastien Beaucamps, VP Sodexo Ventures & Digital Partnerships

"CyberSecura allowed us to clarify the company's strengths and risks, and the recommendations for addressing them. We had a clear roadmap to improve the robustness of the solution and work together in full confidence. [...] The team managed to adapt to the sometimes complex governance of a large company like SODEXO, but also to the very specific context of this project [...].

Cyber due diligence

Frédérique Guede

Frédérique Guede, Head of operational

Organisation at PST38 

Frédérique Guede

"I'm not sure that the offer that is made exists with other service providers [...]. It is a complete handling that I have not found elsewhere [...]. Mr Rozier knows how to put us at ease, how to listen to us in order to understand our problems, the way we work, the specificity of our service, so as to respond to us in the best possible way, and so as to enable us to continue to work efficiently."

Outsourced DPO

Outsourced CISO

Denis Chincholle

Denis Chincholle, Head of Information Systems, Town of Vif 

Denis Chincholle, Responsable des systèmes d'informations de la mairie de Vif

"It is essentially the personalisation of the response that we appreciated. CyberSecura understood that as a local authority we have specific problems and that the means had to be adapted to our budgets, our organisation and our way of working [...]. We really felt like we were talking as equals, which is very interesting and we feel understood and heard."

Outsourced CISO

Laurent Sabot

Laurent SabotData Analyst at les 2 Alpes Tourism Office

Laurent Sabot

"This compliance study enabled us to highlight opportunities that immediately spoke to the various decision-makers. David assured us that the GDPR was not only a constraint but also a lot of opportunities, which is often hard to believe when we talk about regulations. [...] But the result was just the opposite so we were very happy."

Compliance study

Outsourced DPO

Nicolas Chabanoles
Nicolas Chabanoles, CTO Bonitasoft

Nicolas ChabanolesCTO at Bonitasoft

"We really appreciate the expertise Saghar brings to the table in her advice and approach. [...]

A real education of the employees has been put in place and this has been very much appreciated by the teams."

Outsourced CISO

Guillaume Lepelletier
Guillaume Lepelletier, CTO Kheoos

Guillaume LepelletierCTO at Kheoos

"The elements that I particularly appreciated in the solution provided by CyberSecura were the "tailor-made" support aspect. [...] CyberSecura really tried to understand our needs and to adapt its offer to our needs and our means."

Outsourced CISO

Stéphane Dothee

Stéphane DotheeCEO at Odonatech

"We chose to entrust this mission to CyberSecura because of its recognised professionalism and the proximity of our two companies. [...]. We particularly appreciated the responsiveness of the teams."

Cybersecurity audit

Jean-Christian Borel
Jean Christian Borel

Jean-Christian BorelDirector of Research and Development at AGIR à dom.

"We particularly appreciated CyberSecura's expertise, its ability to explain things in simple terms, its availability, but also its human approach. David Rozier was quick to understand our needs, and the relationship was very simple from the start."

GDPR study

Hani Sherry
Hani Sherry

Hani SherryCo-founder of TiHive

"CyberSecura has been able to simplify the complexity of cybersecurity, simplify with the excellent quality of service."

Cyber consulting

Cédric Foellmi

Cédric FoellmiVP Engineering at ASELTA Nanographics

"They were never stingy with explanations, and that's important because these are issues that we only partially master. I really appreciated this educational aspect, which at every stage allowed us not only to do but also to understand what was going on."

Cybersecurity audit

Lounis Lakhal
Lounis LakhalCo-founder at CountAct

"We found these flash diagnoses very suitable for start-ups: firstly, because cybersecurity and data protection are very topical issues, and secondly, for the fact that they are free of charge, which allows smaller companies like us to have a 'foot in the door'."

Outsourced DPO & CISO

Raian Keddous
Raian KeddousFounder of BeOn

"I found the audit very rewarding, very adapted to my profile: it was about me. [...] I recommend CyberSecura for their expertise but also for their very good knowledge of the start-up world."

Flash consulting

photo steph cyber.jpg
Stéphane GasparianCo-director Maison de
l'Enfance Bachelard

"During the intervention, what was also appreciated was the fact that there were different consultants in contact with the teams: GDPR regulatory compliance professionals but also cybersecurity professionals, which brought a real richness in the exchanges."

GDPR audit

Cybersecurity audit

Raising awareness

Guillaume Bouchard
Guillaume Bouchard
Guillaume BouchardCEO at Checkstep

"The CyberSecura teams were very professional and responsive."

SOC 2 certification

Khalide Seddik
Khalide SEDDIK
Khalide Seddik, Clinical Operations Manager
at NHTherAguix

"This service is a real handling on the GDPR aspect [and] when we have a question or difficulty we know we can call on your teams."

Outsourced DPO

Gabriel Talleux
Gabriel Talleux, CEO at AfB France

"CyberSecura is very flexible and responsive and the proposed work organisation fits perfectly with our priorities.With CyberSecura, we have found a company on a human scale with whom the contact is sincere and efficient."

Outsourced DPO

Batiste Roger
Batiste Roger, Technical Director at Odonatech

"I've found that being able to call on a single service provider for cybersecurity and GDPR compliance has been a real plus. Firstly for confidentiality issues [...], but also because certain aspects displaying significant intersections can then be dealt with together."

Outsourced DPO & CISO

Nathalie Renou
Nathalie Renou, Director of Operations for Extellient

"CyberSecura's work was very thorough. We very much appreciated their professionalism and the skills of our contacts. We were well advised, and obtained very precise deliverables and clear guidelines."

Cybersecurity by design

Quentin Paulik.jpeg
Quentin Paulik, Co-founder and President at Marti App

"I wanted to work with professionals who were familiar with the world of healthcare, and David has a wealth of experience in the hospital sector."

Outsourced DPO

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