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Raian Keddous

Raian Keddous,

Founder of BeOn

"I found the audit very enriching, very adapted to my profile: it was about me and my product. I recommend CyberSecura for their expertise but also for their very good knowledge of the start-up world."

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself : your company, your position, your responsibilities?


"My name is Raian Keddous, and I am the founder of BeOn, a company I recently started in March 2022. At BeOn, we develop an application around time capsules. 


We propose to our users to create an augmented memory, that is to say with video, images, text and audio, to really bring a story to the memory. The principle is to lock this memory in a time capsule, and to program its re-opening later in time. The idea is really to be able to transmit memories to your loved ones, but also to yourself in the future. We tend to go more towards a kind of social network, on which we will be able to leave a trace to future generations.


It's been a very short time since we launched, since March 2022, and now we are launching the development of the application."


2- What flash diagnosis have you performed with CyberSecura?


"Despite the fact that the exchange was very global and we also touched on cybersecurity a bit, it was a flash GDPR audit that was done."

3- For what type of need did you call upon CyberSecura? What was the trigger?


"The BeOn application collects a lot of data. Indeed, each capsule will store photos, videos and so many very personal elements that need to be well protected. For me, the issue of protecting the personal data used by the application was just as important as the issue of the development itself. Since we were also about to launch the development of the application, it was important to have a good visibility on this aspect before the development."

4- How did the diagnosis go?

  • Duration: How would you describe the duration of the diagnosis?

    "In my case, this duration was a bit exceeded, since there was really a lot to see! I think that the initial duration of one hour is very good but maybe not necessarily very adapted to all the problems. As for Be On, CyberSecura was kind enough to go a bit over time. But I think that a duration of between 1 hour and 1.5 hours is perfectly fine."

  • The consultants: How would you describe the consultants you dealt with?

    "They were great! For my part I exchanged with David, Marine and Nicolas, and it was very enriching. I felt a lot of benevolence, a lot of listening. I found the consultants' questions very relevant because they really brought up elements that I would never have thought of. The feeling was also very good, they took the time to explain things to me with a lot of pedagogy and kindness."

  •  The diagnosis: How would you describe the diagnosis?

    "I found the audit very enriching, very adapted to my profile: it was about me and my product. I also felt a real exchange. David and Marine really made the effort to ask me all the necessary questions to fully understand my product and my issues.

  • The report: How would you describe the final report of these diagnoses?

    "In terms of the time frame, I thought it was good. It seems to me that I received it 15 days after the interview, but I did feel that there had been research in that time frame. As far as the structure of the report is concerned, there was a part where we went over the concepts: the GDPR, for whom, what is it? It also included a risk indicator, in the form of a barometer and a cursor pointing, according to the criticality of the risks, more or less in the green or in the red.  And finally a last part on the action plan, which allows to know where we are going, what are the main next steps etc. 

    So yes, I found this rendering very appropriate, very useful. I felt that a lot of research and work had gone into it, and it was very personalised. It was maybe missing, in my opinion, some illustrations. I'm very visual, text is fine but it's true that it takes more effort. I would have appreciated a more visual and schematic rendering, like the criticality slider."

5- How did this flash diagnosis benefit you? What did it do for you?

"First of all, I realised that there were many issues that I had not properly measured. This diagnosis helped me understand what needed to be prioritised, and gave me a much more global vision of what is expected in terms of regulations. This diagnosis offered me a short/medium term visibility with the highlighting of priority issues, but also a broader, more global vision.

6- How would you describe the work done by CyberSecura?

"I would say personalised, expert, and proactive. Personalised because, as I said, I felt that it concerned me and my activity. David and Marine took the time to understand what my business was and the issues that arose from it. Then I felt that they had gone to the end of the process, that they had even gone a little further than what was agreed upon in order to respond to me as well as possible.

7- In your opinion, what could have been improved during this performance? Did you miss anything? 

"Maybe bringing a little more structure. I was really based on the idea that I would present my project, that they would ask me questions and then do the audit on their side.

So I also really liked this "feeling" aspect, but it's true that I need to put phases, at least at the beginning of the exchange, so that they explain to me "ok, we're going to concentrate on this point here, and little by little the exchange is going to go this way". So explaining this structure at the beginning of the exchange but maybe also reminding it throughout the exchange. Often I would see myself asking a new question, and as I thought about it I would get a little lost in the flow of the exchange. Even though I enjoyed the flow of the exchange, a structure in the exchange would have allowed me to better understand where we were going."

8- Would you recommend this type of cybersecurity and GDPR flash diagnoses to start-ups around you? For what reason(s)?

"Yes, and I'm already doing it. I'm in a group of French Tech laureates, and most of them are developing applications. We are about 70 people with all this need! Even in the creation of our websites we insist a lot on the importance of cybersecurity, compliance with the GDPR etc.


I recommend CyberSecura for their expertise but also for their very good knowledge of the start-up world. I know that CyberSecura will be able to adapt to the specificities of start-ups since they themselves were incubated and surrounded by start-ups until recently!"

9- Do you have anything do add?

"No, I think on the whole everything was covered. I may have forgotten to mention the report of the exchange which was sent to me immediately after the meeting, even before the audit report.


Following the exchange, Marine sent me an email summarising the essential elements discussed and I found that very reassuring. When we are caught up in the exchange we forget to take notes, and we are afraid to miss or forget something important. The fact that Marine sent me this exchange report right afterwards reassured me a lot.


I also found all the exchanges, both before and after the meeting, very fluid."

All CyberSecura's team thanks Raian Keddous for her testimonial !

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