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Our partnerships enable us to provide support services and services that are increasingly qualitative and in line with the real needs of the market.

Anastasija Collen, Senior Researcher & membre du comité de direction de l'Université de Genève

Anastasija Collen, Senior Researcher at the University of Geneva and member of the Board of Directors of INFOSEC

"It brings us the expertise and excellence of CyberSecura professionals working in the same field. It's a great way to bring our research results into the real world."

Apolline Lang
Apolline Lang

Apolline Lang, Mission Director at Le

"David Rozier was very professional, accessible and particularly responsive."

Slim Touhami

Slim Touhami, Founder and CEO at Astra Porta

"This partnership allows us to jointly provide a tailored, relevant and agile offering for our customers."

Sophie Raimbault-Mutel

Sophie Raimbault-Mutel, Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Inovallée & Responsible for the Tarmac incubator

"We're looking to formalise this partnership and enhance it, particularly in the area of security by design, to encourage best practices among our start-ups and help them get a head start"

Elsa Yenigotchian

Elsa Yenigotchian, Sales and

Marketing Manager for Extellient

"Extellient offers tailor-made digital solutions to help our customers collect, use and distribute company information more effectively."

Donald Hammons mxHERO

Donald Hammons, Chief Customer Officer for mxHERO

"We support our customers in integrating their email content into their content management platforms, for reasons of security, compliance, workflow automation, digital hygiene and sustainability."

Thomas Stoesser comforte AG.jpeg

Thomas Stroesser and Mirza Salihagic,

Marketing for comforte AG

"We enable our customers to secure the data they process, to comply with data protection regulations, while allowing them to continue to innovate, invent and develop through the use they can make of this data."

Mirza Salihagic comforte AG.jpeg
comforte AG
Patrice Pontarollo.jpeg

Patrice Pontarollo, Founder and Director for

ATN Groupe 

"ATN Groupe is a specialist IT agency with an innovative approach to supporting businesses and their teams. The agency is organised as a resource centre serving SMEs and start-ups."

Act for now
Thibaud Lesuisse.jpeg
Jean Christophe Beau.jpeg

Emma-Caya Le Postollec, Thibaut Lesuisse et Jean-Christophe Beau, from Act For Now

"We offer both local advice, to help companies launch their CSR strategy and begin their transition, and a range of awareness-raising and training courses on all these issues."

Heikki Erola.jpeg

Heikki Erola, Co-founder at Compleye

"Compleye is a lean compliance company, which means we offer a combination of SaaS platform, services and consultancy, to help businesses prepare, for example, for ISO 27001 certification, or to comply with the GDPR."

Sandra Duret.jpeg

Sandra Duret, Associate and co-managing director at Serenys Assurances

"Our added value in the insurance brokerage market is our expertise in the field. My partners and I decided to create two complementary entities. Cabinet Millénniance handles personal insurance, social protection, investments, etc.; and with Serenys, we specialise in property insurance and civil liability."

Cédric Langlasse.jpeg

Cédric Langlasse, Director of Partnerships

for Mailinblack

"The three main strengths of our solution are, firstly, its sovereignty, since we are a French software publisher, and hosted in France; the completeness of all our tools, which means we can take into account the entire human risk factor; and finally, the centralisation of data relating to the organisation's cyber governance."

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