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Anastasija Collen
Anastasija Collen, Senior researcher at the University of Geneva & Member of the Board of Directors of INFOSEC

"It brings us the expertise and excellence of CyberSecura professionals working in the same field. It's a great way to bring our research results into the real world."

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: who are you? What is your job? How long have you been working for the University of Geneva?


“I’m Anastasija Collen, I am a senior researcher and I work at the University of Geneva since 2013. I work in information security laboratory with my colleague Niels Nijdam, we are co-leading the lab. Our main domain of research is cybersecurity.”


2- Could you introduce the University of Geneva? 

“The University of Geneva is a multidisciplinary university, it has various specifications like medicine, laws, international relations, computer sciences, mathematics, physics. It’s really multiverse.”​​

3- What is the place of research at the University of Geneva?

“It takes a quite important place, because we have many doctoral programs, so research is one of the biggest pillars of the university.”​​

4- How did you hear about CyberSecura?

“Actually, I worked with Saghar in France (in INRIA), so we’re friends with a very long history. I have always kept in touch with her and I followed her professional life, and eventually we came to the position where we could try to collaborate together from both of our professional domains."​​

5- What kind of relationship do you have with CyberSecura? How does this partnership translate?

“The partnership that we established with CyberSecura is on the collaboration to prepare cybersecurity related projects. We develop ideas, and we try to implement them in the real life with support of European funding. And those projects are in the domain of cybersecurity and privacy, so that is how we collaborate.”​​​​

6- What does the partnership with CyberSecura bring to you?

“It brings us the expertise, and the excellence of the CyberSecura’s professionals working in the same domain. This is an excellent way of transmitting the research results into the real world. That’s the main advantage of this partnership.”​​

7- Conversely, in your opinion, what does this partnership bring to CyberSecura?


“I think they benefit from the academic research, as well as having access to the related research results, and they can translate them back to their business."​​

8- Are you satisfied with this partnership with CyberSecura?

“Yes I am! In general, I’m very happy to collaborate with CyberSecura because we share the same background, the same vision on many cybersecurity and privacy related subjects.”​​

9- What are your prospects for development with CyberSecura?

“For the moment as we submitted a couple of proposals, we are waiting for the results. The natural next step would be that one of those proposals is accepted and then the European project would kick in. And then it could be a collaboration on the daily basis to work together on one of the project we developed with Saghar from scratch, and see our ideas coming in the real world. That would be the next step.”​​

10- Is there any specific project, with CyberSecura, that you could tell me about?


“So far we have submitted a couple of proposals, one of them is called “Cobweb”, for example. It is focusing on the privacy aspects of regular citizens in terms of the protection, information, and awareness of the privacy related issues in their daily lives.”

All CyberSecura's team thanks Anastasija Collen for her testimonial !

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