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Towards GDPR compliance with our expert consultants

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which came into force in May 2018, introduced in particular the notion of accountability.

This notion refers to the obligation for a data controller to implement all appropriate internal measures and procedures in order to guarantee, and to be able to demonstrate at any time to the CNIL, the proper application of the rules relating to the protection of personal data.


In order to guarantee this accountability, the implementation of a compliance governance is essential. Indeed, data controllers must meet the need for data protection, while at the same time meeting the requirements of transparency on their processing, collection, use, sharing and storage. This monitoring would not be possible without compliance governance that precisely defines the processes, the actors, the responsibilities of each, etc.


GDPR compliance services can be:

  • An upstream GDPR audit to understand your assets, challenges and GDPR compliance objectives ;

  • Half-day expert coaching workshop sessions, answering your questions: Is your product compliant? What can I do to ensure my product is compliant?

  • Expert advice available when you need it.


Workload: as needed, at the company's request. Half-day sessions. Fixed price commitment.

Would you like to delegate your compliance actions to an expert DPO?

Find out more about our outsourced timeshare DPO services.

CyberSecura also has solid experience as DPO for the healthcare sector:

find out more about this very specific expertise!

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All our GDPR and outsourced timeshare DPO services are carried out either by David Rozier, co-founder and GDPR expert.


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Jean-Christian Borel, Director of Research and Development at AGIR à dom.
"We particularly appreciated CyberSecura's expertise, its ability to explain things in simple terms, its availability, but also its human approach. David Rozier was quick to understand our needs, and the relationship was very simple from the start."
Laurent Sabot, Ex. Data Analyst at Les 2 Alpes Tourism Office
"This compliance study enabled us to highlight opportunities that immediately spoke to the various decision-makers. David assured us that the GDPR was not only a constraint but also a lot of opportunities, which is often hard to believe when we talk about regulations. [...] But the result was just the opposite so we were very happy."
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