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What is a DPO?

The DPO (Data Protection Officer) is an important ally in your compliance with the GDPR and its maintenance. The DPO is in charge of steering and synchronising the protection of personal data processed within public or private organisations.


What is a timeshare DPO?

A timeshare DPO shares his or her working time and expertise with several client organisations and companies. The advantage of using a timeshare DPO is that you can choose the amount of time you need (1 half-day per month, one day per month, two days per month, etc.) and only pay for the time you actually need.
The timeshare DPO is therefore an alternative to full-time recruitment.

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Content of the service

  • Information, support and advice;

  • We monitor the compliance of the processing carried out and the overall compliance with the data protection regulation; 

  • We train and educate your employees and respond to their requests for support; 

  • We act as a point of contact with the supervisory authority (the CNIL);

  • We keep the register of your organisation's processing operations, as well as a number of other registers (subcontractors, exercise of data protection rights, etc.);

  • We organise internal procedures and ensure that users' requests to exercise their rights are answered.

Why choose us?
pourquoi nous ?

Our diverse experience as DPO has enabled us to develop our method of achieving and maintaining compliance, which combines pragmatism and transparency.

A compliance audit initially allows us to identify priorities, evaluate the volume of support required, and establish a work and support plan.

This will reassure your managers, who are legally responsible for compliance with the GDPR, right from the start of the support.

  • A comprehensive service: we don't just tell you what to do, we take care of all your compliance actions, so you can focus on your core business.


  • We have extensive experience in data protection in the health sector, notably with the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital, establishments in the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire, inter-company occupational health services, health technology companies and home health services, etc. 

  • A strong collaboration between our DPO consultants and our cybersecurity consultants for an unequalled efficiency on certain technical aspects of data security. 

  • We favour quality over quantity: our consultants work with a limited number of clients in order to guarantee services of consistent and expert quality.


Frédérique Guede, Operational Organisation Manager at PST38, an occupational health service

Frédérique Guede

"I'm not sure that the offer that is made exists with other service providers [...]. It is a complete handling that I have not found elsewhere [...]. Mr Rozier knows how to put us at ease, how to listen to us in order to understand our problems, the way we work, the specificity of our service, so as to respond to us in the best possible way, and so as to enable us to continue to work efficiently."

Laurent Sabot

Laurent SabotData Analyst à l'Office du Tourisme des 2 Alpes

"This service enabled us to highlight opportunities that immediately spoke to the various decision-makers. David assured us that the GDPR was not only constraints but also a lot of opportunities, which is often hard to believe when we talk about regulations. [...] But the result was just the opposite so we were very happy."

Batiste Roger Directeur Technique Odonatech

Batiste Roger, Technical Director at Odonatech

"I've found that being able to call on a single service provider for cybersecurity and GDPR compliance has been a real plus. Firstly for confidentiality issues [...], but also because certain aspects displaying significant intersections can then be dealt with together."

cas client

Would you like to have a concrete example of how an outsourced timeshare DPO service works?

Download our clients' usecases to get more information!

If you download the usecases on this page, you will access French content. If you want to read these usecases in English, please click here!

DPO santé.png

Outsourced timeshare DPO

For PST38, an inter-company occupational health service.

Image by Louis Reed

Outsourced timeshare DPO

For NHTherAguix, a nano-medicine start-up.

paysage de montagne.png

Outsourced timeshare DPO

For SATA Group, mountain resort operator

Design sans titre (3).png

Outsourced timeshare DPO

For MARTI, health application.

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