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Laurent Sabot Data Analyst

Laurent Sabot,

Data Analyst at les 2 Alpes Tourism Office

"This compliance study enabled us to highlight opportunities that immediately spoke to the various decision-makers. David assured us that the GDPR was not only constraints but also a lot of opportunities, which is often hard to believe when we talk about regulations. But the result was just the opposite so we were very happy."

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself : your company, your position, your responsibilities?


"In the framework of this service with CyberSecura, we worked on behalf of the Tourism Office of Les 2 Alpes, but it was also something more global, since the Town Hall and the ski lifts were involved in it. The main actors of our ecosystem in the resort were involved. I'm Laurent Sabot, and I was the main contact person for this service because I'm a Data Analyst at the Tourism Office, so I'm the one who relays all these data subjects."

2- For what type of need did you call upon CyberSecura? What was the trigger?


"There were a number of triggers that happened at different times but came together at the time we decided to launch this audit. The first trigger was the desire within the resort to make better use of data to make better decisions. In this context, we wanted to use my skills as a data analyst to provide information to make better decisions on behalf of the town hall or other service providers such as the ski lifts, for example. As it concerns several structures, we needed to know what could be done, how it would all work, what the legal possibilities were to be able to move forward on this subject, etc. The second trigger was another project we had in parallel: the proprietary programme. The concept is that we want to fill the beds in the resort: there are owners who have accommodation but are never present. The aim is to encourage them to occupy or rent, so that the accommodation is as full as possible. And to measure all this and give rewards to people who rented more often, we wanted to be able to measure occupancy via water consumption: this required the processing of personal data. The question was how we could use all of this in the case where all of this stuff, all of this personal data, was being managed by multiple players at the same time.


Those were the two main projects we had, and to get answers, we turned to CyberSecura."

3- Why did you choose to entrust these missions to CyberSecura rather than to someone else?


"It's quite simple: we met David at the time of the Tourisme Digital Days, an event we attended in December 2021. The contact went well, the exchange was pretty good, so we decided to give him this assignment."

4- Did you have any fears before the project was set up?

"Yes, the main fear was that the return of the study would be a lot of constraints. David assured us that the GDPR was not only a constraint but also a lot of opportunities, which is often hard to believe when we talk about regulations. We were mainly afraid to say to ourselves 'well, we won't be able to do this, or even that, we'll be blocked', but the result was quite the opposite so we were very happy."

5- What are the challenges in your business today?


"The main challenge is that we are starting from scratch: this is a sector of activity where data has never been exploited, or has been exploited very little on small, very precise subjects such as the sending of emails in a very global way, for example, so the challenge is to use it on a daily basis to be more efficient in what we do, and in order to make good decisions."

6- How would you describe the work of CyberSecura, its team, in just a few words?


"I like the constructive side, that's really the word that I remember. We have issues to deal with, we have the GDPR and all these regulations, and we could very easily be in the "we can't do that, we can't do that". And what we really liked about the work carried out by David and Marine was the constructive side: "OK, how can we respond to the need, how can we find a solution, which way to go?" It was very constructive and that's really what we take away from this mission."

7- What are the results of this collaboration? 


"I would talk about two different results. 


As far as the proprietary project is concerned, we needed confirmation that it was feasible, legally feasible, so on the one hand it launches this project, it is a first result. 


And on the other hand, and this is probably the most interesting thing for us at the Tourism Office and for me as a data analyst, it's to have launched the subject of data but in a global way. For example, I've just received a notification to meet with the Mayor to define a structural agreement for me to work at the Town Hall and participate in the development of a data plan, and to create a database, at the Tourism Office and the Town Hall, to really launch the data subjects. 


So it also allowed us to highlight opportunities that immediately spoke to the various decision-makers. So the subject is launched, because now we also see the opportunities and not just the constraints."


8- What did you like most about CyberSecura's solution?

"It's the reflection, the process of reflection that brought a constructive solution, and beyond all that, it's the way David presented it to us, it was very clear: "here's the need", so okay, we're on the right need, "here are the constraints", "here are the solutions", it was really very, very fluid from start to finish. Everything was very clear for everyone, which generated a lot of new questions from the audience of this presentation, even from people who are less sensitive to these data subjects. It was both constructive and well delivered, so we were happy."

9- What advice would you give to organisations facing the same challenge as you?


"It goes back to what I was saying earlier: the importance of dealing with all these subjects around data is both a regulatory need, and therefore a constraint, but it can also turn into an opportunity. We are discovering a lot of interesting things about the way things are done. In the end, it brings more than we imagine, even when we know the sector like I do, we can be pleasantly surprised. When you launch structuring projects, it can be very rich and interesting."


10- Would you recommend CyberSecura to others? For what reason(s)?

"Yes, completely, for the reasons that there is a real exchange, a real listening and a real understanding of the need. It's important not to have an agency that goes off on its own. A lot of listening, good interactions, for a very satisfactory result.

David and Marine really worked hard for us, they made a lot of effort to answer all the complexities of the request we made, so yes, it's a service provider that was very positive for us, both in the relationship and in the result."

All CyberSecura's team thanks Laurent Sabot for his testimonial!

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