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Digitalisation is everywhere and should be a step forward. It should not result in a loss of reliability or worse, create a risk for the survival of your company.


Make your use of digital technology more reliable by minimising risks, and increase its value by enhancing your security.

We work in three complementary areas:

  • Your information system: your company's operations are based on an information system that is the foundation of your digital activity. This infrastructure, as well as the solutions attached to it, must be secured.

  • Your digital products: if your products are digital, or include a digital component, securing their design and implementation is critical to your customer base, reputation, and survival.

  • Your organisation and its governance: I.S. and software are created, maintained and used by your employees according to their own practices. These practices must be organised, written down and shared, so that your employees are the allies of your cybersecurity.​

So what are the main issues in cybersecurity?


Your IS and your products have an important role to play, either for you or for your customer. They must therefore remain available, i.e. operational and able to reach the elements necessary for their operation, such as the data on which they are based.


Changing the contents of databases or files used by a system can compromise its operation, which can become less efficient, useless or even dangerous.


A large volume of data used by digital systems involves operational or strategic secrets and must be handled in accordance with various regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Complying with the GDPR is a real challenge for your company's use of digital technology: fairness and transparency in your data processing will allow you to perpetuate and develop it.

Your effective protection, as well as the display of your security proactivity, brings you strong added value

stabilité production

Operational and production stability

hausse des ventes

Increase in sales


Maintaining your reputation & improving your image

obtention de financements

Facilitation of obtaining funding



Whatever your needs, whatever your resources, whatever your challenges : CyberSecura will support you.

CyberSecura Grenoble


Our areas of expertise cover the major needs of companies in cybersecurity and compliance: whether you are a start-up, an SME or a large group.



The tools, software and methodologies that we use or that we have developed during our services have been selected for their effectiveness, their reliability and their security is recognised in the world of cyber security.

cybersécurité Grenoble
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