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In order to guarantee quality services, and to remain focused on our areas of expertise, which are cybersecurity and regulatory compliance with the GDPR, we form quality partnerships with companies or independents whose expertise is complementary to ours, as well as with organisations and groups of companies, so that they can benefit from shared offers, always in the spirit of being able to offer expertise in data protection to the greatest number.


The service providers with whom we collaborate, as well as the software publishers, are carefully selected by our technical teams, and their expertise and the reliability of their solutions are widely recognised.

Services and technologies

Drata logo

Drata is a security and security compliance automation platform. Their solution continuously monitors and collects evidence of a company's security controls, while streamlining end-to-end compliance workflows to ensure readiness for security certification audits (SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HPAA).

The Drata solution thus enables the management of an organisation's entire governance, and product security, in a centralised manner.


This is not an exclusive partnership agreement, and CyberSecura customers are under no obligation to purchase the Drata solution.


We negotiate discounted rates with our partners for all our customers. 

consent manager
consent manager logo

Consent Manager is a consent management platform (CMP), offering a cookie consent banner. Consent Manager allows you to make your website compliant with the main data protection regulations (GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, LGPD, PIPEDA, CPPA).


Consent Manager also offers a cookie tester, allowing you to detect all cookies on your website.


CyberSecura offers you a 20% discount on your first year subscription, as well as an awareness session on the importance of the cookie banner (free), and a session to help you set up your cookie banner (paid).


Contact us to take advantage of this offer!


Discover their website.

Iboo logo

IBOO is a secure and GDPR compliant video-conferencing solution. The tool is easy to use, respects privacy and all data is hosted in France.

The IBOO video-conferencing tool has recently been audited by the CNIL.


Discover their website.

logo Comforte.png

COMFORTE protects its customers' data using highly effective encryption and tokenisation solutions to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data processed by companies. 


Thanks to COMFORTE's state-of-the-art encryption, protected data can continue to be used consistently across all applications. The COMFORTE solution combines a high level of security with fast, cost-effective implementation.

The majority of credit card payments worldwide are already protected by COMFORTE's data security solution, and many globally active companies trust COMFORTE's "Made in Germany" protection.

Visit COMFORTE's website.

Design sans titre (1).png

mxHERO is a platform specialising in email security and limiting the carbon footprint generated by email exchanges. Thanks to mxHERO's self-capture and digital hygiene solutions, Internet users derive greater value from their digital content and improve their position in terms of information security.  The mxHERO platform requires no software installation or training: users simply use their email inbox as usual.

Visit mxHero's website.

brochure de partenaires.png

Keeper is a password and secret manager, and a market leader in digital protection products for individuals and professionals. The company offers a range of products for managing passwords and access to critical data and identifiers for individuals and teams, managing secrets and logins, and providing remote access to infrastructures with zero-trust security.

Visit KEEPER's website.

Design sans titre_edited.png

SoSafe is a platform for security awareness and cyber risk management. The platform offers e-learning content for ongoing training, training sessions with the option of simulating personalized attacks, as well as a strategic risk and alert management tool. Inspired by the behavioral sciences, the platform focuses on the needs of businesses. It raises awareness of cybersecurity through automated incentive training.

SoSafe helps you build and develop a culture of cybersecurity within your company.

Visit SoSafe's website!

solution CMP

Axeptio is a CMP (Consent Management Platform) solution that enables you to make your website compliant with the GDPR. Axeptio offers various products such as consent management widget for cookies, a consent management widget for your General Terms and Conditions of Use/Sales, and a consent management widget for forms, newsletters, competitions and prospect lists.

Visit Axeptio's website !

phishing simulation

Mailinblack's solutions are a combination of technological innovations enabling you to secure your organisation, raise awareness and train your staff, in particular through simulated attacks (phishing, ransomware) and an e-learning platform, and thus protect your business against cyber attacks.

Visit Mailinblack's website!


Bitdefender is a world leader in the cybersecurity market. The company provides cutting-edge solutions for the prevention, detection and response to the most advanced cyber threats. The reliability of Bitdefender solutions is recognised by independent testing organisations, industry analysts and the media.

Visit Bitdefender's website!


Didomi is a specialist GDPR regulatory compliance company, offering SaaS solutions to help you collect, respect and use the choices and preferences of your customers, prospects and web users, anywhere in the world. Didomi's solution is compatible with the main existing data protection regulations.

Visit Didomi's website!

Logo couleur-bleu&doré-1.png

Serenys Assurances is an insurance broker based in Grenoble. The company works with a network of service providers, which it calls on to find the best deal for their customers' needs, at the best price. As part of this partnership, Serenys Assurances will be able to help CyberSecura customers define their cyber insurance policy, while offering them exclusive discounts!


Discover their website.

ATN Group logo

ATN Groupe Resadia is a benchmark IT agency providing innovative support for companies and their teams.

The agency is organised as a resource centre serving SMEs and start-ups. It combines the skills of its 5 complementary areas of expertise to form a multiservice IT hub, all dedicated to the security and performance of your business.


Discover their website.


ONLYNNOV is the insurance broker for tech companies. ONLYNNOV specialises in the digital sector (software publishers, telecoms & cloud, ESN), the healthcare industry (medtech, biotech, medical devices) and electronics (connected objects, robotics, mechatronics/electronics). Because the right insurance covers the specific risks of your business and your innovations. Innovative companies that are CyberSecura customers will be able to benefit from the expertise of ONLYNNOV's teams at preferential rates.s.

Visit ONLYNNOV's website!

logo Compleye_edited.png

Compleye is a Dutch company specialising in corporate compliance management. In particular, Compleye offers its customers services and support in achieving ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certification, through its compliance platform, which enables companies to easily document the creation of their ISMS, in order to obtain an overview of their compliance and certification processes.


Discover their website.

Design sans titre (5)_edited.png

JM Bureautique is a Grenoble-based company specialising in the sale, hire and maintenance of IT equipment: printing systems, document dematerialisation solutions, backup and cybersecurity solutions and display solutions (screens, interactive screens).

Discover their website.

Our bundles


RELEVE is a business association created in 2016 with the ambition to improve the living conditions of companies and their employees in the Champfeuillet area and its surroundings.


Members benefit from exclusive advantages and discounts offered by the association's partners.


CyberSecura, as a partner of the RELEVE Champfeuillet Association, offers a 10% discount on all its services, as well as free travel expenses.

Moreover, if several members call upon CyberSecura for outsourced DPO and/or CISO services on a time-sharing basis, they will benefit from additional discounts, depending on the number of companies that request them.


Discover their website.

Tarmac logo

The Tarmac is a start-up incubator in Inovallée. This incubator welcomes start-ups, innovative project leaders and technological companies less than three years old, and supports them in their development by providing them with offices and equipment, shared services, assistance in drawing up business plans, and access to a dynamic and supportive community.


As with Champfeuillet, CyberSecura is offering the Tarmac start-ups promotional offers on its services. 10% discount on all our services are offered, and in case of mutualised request for outsourced DPO and/or CISO services on a shared basis, we offer additional discounts according to the number of companies that request them.


Discover the Tarmac website.

We collaborate

Extellient logo

Extellient is a consulting and digital solutions company.


As a partner in the digital transformation of companies, Extellient supports them by creating innovative web/mobile solutions, adapted to their expectations and meeting current strategic challenges.

By digitising processes, paper documents or services, Extellient puts technology at the service of people and designs digital applications to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


CyberSecura and Extellient have very different yet complementary expertise, and we work together on many projects involving the creation and securing of digital solutions.


Discover Extellient website.

Eteon logo

ETEON is a company specialising in the design, architecture and development of mobile and web applications, software solutions, connected products (IoT) and APIs (Application Programming Interface).

The company assists you in auditing and advising on existing products and software, in the development of new products and software, in the evolution of your product or software, and in its maintenance, through assistance and training services.


Visit ETEON website.

détroit conseil logo

Based in Grenoble, Détroit Conseil assists companies in regaining control of the digital environment in their organisation, in particular through time-sharing CIO services, IS consulting and organisational consulting.


Discover the website of Détroit Conseil.

Vibeosys logo

Vibeosys is a company specialised in the development of mobile applications (iPad, iPhone, Android) and websites. Their development expertise makes them an ideal partner for CyberSecura.

With a presence in India and the United States, the company develops innovative custom applications.


Discover their website.

logo-pepite-ozer-web (2).png

Pépite oZer (Pôle Étudiant pour l'innovation, le transfert et l'entrepreneuriat - Student Centre for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship), set up by the Université Grenoble Alpes Design Factory, offers training and support solutions for student entrepreneurs in their business creation projects. As part of this partnership, student entrepreneurs taking part in the Pépite oZer programme will be able to benefit from CyberSecura's advice, services and support on their cybersecurity and digital regulatory compliance issues.

Discover their website.

We co-create

gouvernail (2).png

Created by CyberSecura, Alegria, and Laurent Chauvet, Le Gouvernail is a collective offering outsourced services to small and medium-sized businesses on a time-sharing basis (HR Manager, Chief Information Security Officer, Data Protection Officer, IT project management).


Find us on LinkedIn.

We adhere 

CPME logo

The CPME Isère (Confédération des PME de l'Isère or Isère SMEs confederation) is a private and independent interprofessional employers' organisation. This organisation represents and defends small and medium-sized businesses, whatever their field of activity, at national, regional and departmental level.

Discover their website.


MEDICALPS is the health technology cluster of the Alps.
Since 2000, the association brings together and represents a network of more than 120 start-ups, SMEs, large groups, research centres, universities and local authorities in the fields of medical technologies, biotechnologies and e-health.

Discover their website.

Design sans titre (20)_edited.png

The AFCDP (Association Française des Correspondants à la Protection des Données à caractère Personnel - French Association of Personal Data Protection Correspondents) is an association bringing together data protection professionals, Data Protection Officers (appointed by their organisations to the CNIL), and anyone interested in the protection of personal data.

Discover their website.

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