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Elsa Yenigotchian

Elsa Yenigotchian,

Sales and Marketing Manager for Extellient

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: who are you? What is your job ? How long have you been working for Extellient?


"Hello, I'm Elsa Yenigotchian and I've been Sales and Marketing Manager for Extellient for 3 years now. Extellient is a Grenoble-based company specialising in the creation of tailor-made digital solutions."

2- Could you introduce us to Extellient? 

As explained above, Extellient is a Grenoble-based company specialising in the creation of customised digital solutions. 

We work with two different types of customer profile: service companies (i.e. the tertiary sector) and companies in the secondary sector (industry, energy), targets for which we have identified problems at both business and operational levels.

  • On the business side, the aim is to improve the way services are operated and to innovate.

  • On the operational side, it's mainly a question of improving the processes associated with the company's major functions.

What we call the major functions are the commercial entities (marketing, HR, production, logistics, finance, etc.) whose main processes are driven by standard tools such as CRM and ERP, which companies use every day to run their business. And around these tools, there is a plethora of smaller processes that are often operated by bits of software, Excel files or paper files. These are known as "related processes". Our job is to standardise the way these related processes are handled, so that operations run more smoothly and easily.

We often find that our customers' data is scattered: in different software packages, in Excel files or on paper. As a result, companies find it difficult to use this data: they find it hard to run the service, process opportunities or operate their business easily.

To sum up in one sentence, we help companies to better collect, exploit and disseminate corporate information. And to do this, we design tailor-made digital solutions.

More specifically, we offer comprehensive support in 3 phases:


  • The first phase is a consultancy phase. This involves immersing ourselves in understanding the context, the issues, the business, the users and the uses. Extellient works with its customers to define a tailor-made digital solution that meets their needs, and draws up a strategic roadmap.

  • The second phase involves designing the customised digital solution. From UX/UI design, to functional and technical design, through development and testing to deployment of the solution.

  • We then offer two types of support. The first involves maintaining the solutions in operational condition over time (i.e. guaranteeing the robustness of the applications and a high level of security). And a second part in which we also support our customers in the functional upgrades of web and mobile applications, because the solutions we create are bound to evolve in line with the challenges & roadmap."

3- Who are your clients?

"In terms of customer profiles, we work with start-ups as well as SMEs, ETIs and major accounts in a wide range of sectors (medical, industry, energy, finance, etc.). What's more, our customers own 100% of the digital solutions we develop: it's up to them to use them as they see fit!"

4- What is the added value for your offer?


"Our business is highly competitive.

So the differentiating factor that our customers particularly appreciate is our consultancy phase during the study. They often emphasise our ability to understand and immerse ourselves in their problems so that we can translate them into solutions. Indeed, this research phase is crucial if we are to deliver a customised digital solution that meets 100% of the customer's needs, is of high quality (bug-free) and offers a good user experience.

What makes Extellient different is that we really want to offer useful solutions, with just the features that are useful and easy to use. We guide our customers according to architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's adage 'Less is more'."

5- Do you have any case study to share with us?


6- Are you looking for new strategic and/or commercial partners?

"We're not actively looking for partners, as we already have a few key partners, such as CyberSecura on the cybersecurity and GDPR compliance aspects, and Neovision on the AI-related aspects.

However, we're still listening carefully, and we're open to discussions with companies that have complementary businesses."

7- The extra info

"We have CII (Crédit impôt innovation) accreditation. This means that companies working with Extellient on innovative projects are eligible to deduct 30% of the expenditure associated with their project as a tax deduction.

This CII has evolved somewhat, as previously only 20% was deductible, compared with 30% today."

The entire CyberSecura team would like to thank Elsa for her testimonial!

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