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Donald Hammons,

Chief Customer Officer for mxHERO

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: who are you? What is your job ? How long have you been working for mxHERO?


"Hi, my name is Donald Hammons and I've been the Business Development Manager for mxHERO, for almost 10 years. We are the creators of mxHERO's Mail2Cloud platform, an email security and management platform."

2- Could you introduce us to mxHERO? 

"mxHERO is a company headquartered in San Francisco, California. We are the creators of the mxHERO Mail2Cloud platform, an email security and management platform. We also have an Asia-Pacific office headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Currently, more than half of our team is based in Europe, so we support a global operation for our mxHERO platform solution for our public sector and enterprise customers.

Our mxHERO Mail2Cloud platform requires no software installation. It's a fully cloud-based SaaS application or digital bridge that allows customers to capture their email, whether that's real-time flowing email outbound, inbound, or even when it's at rest. Our mxHERO Mail2Cloud platform allows customers to capture the email body, metadata, and attachments, and route that content, that unstructured data, into their preferred content management platforms. Our platform technology integrations with all email systems and we can capture email content whether it’s sent by an end-user or even if it is system generated (e.g., from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, or otherwise). We support all of the leading global content management platforms that our customers might be using such as the Box Content Cloud, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, a platform called Egnyte, Dropbox Business, and of course Google Workspace.


So, regardless of the content management platforms that our customers might be using, our role really is to help the customers get their email content into those platforms for security, compliance, workflow automation, digital hygiene and sustainability reasons."

3- Who are your clients?

"As you can imagine, every customer on the planet, every enterprise, every public sector entity uses email. So we know it's a ubiquitous IT application that everyone uses.


Because of that, mxHERO has marquee customers in nearly every enterprise vertical, whether that's manufacturing, retail, healthcare, financial services, legal, and many others.  As you can imagine, there are use cases where it makes sense to not let email in its native form continue as is, but to extend the content management security strategy to be inclusive of email. So, we are essentially sort of in every vertical as well as certain public sectors, most certainly state and local. Municipal or localized governments are using mxHERO more and more because of the security and workflow advantages of getting to that email content.


So we have a very broad global footprint. Our largest geographical presence is in the Americas, of course, that's where we started about 12 years ago. Our second largest geo is in Asia-Pacific, led by our Tokyo-based team. And of course, Europe has emerged as a very strong geographical target for us because of security and sustainability goals that may companies have as it relates to email."

4- What is the added value for your offer?


"I think the value add is tremendous. First of all, we have a very quick time to value. Once we know what the customer's initial use cases are for at-rest, inbound or outbound email capture, we’re able to setup and configure mxHERO aligned to those exact use-cases within minutes.  So the initial time-to-value for our customers is rapid.  Beyond that, they’re able to unlock additional value within the platform as they expand the use of mxHERO within their organisation.


But I think that the real value is we can deploy mxHERO in a way that makes sense for each customer. And each customer has its own needs. We have customers that say, “We’re worried about our email at rest because it ends up being a content silo and there is cost overhead and security risk for us. » So that same customer might use mxHERO to routinely harvest that content and get it up into a platform like Box, for example, or Google or Microsoft, giving them an improved digital hygiene posture. So if you think of a world where any email older than a certain date old just automatically gets captured and placed into the customer's content cloud, they're reducing that external content silo down to the minimum level, reducing a security risk, and they're putting the content in play in the very platforms where they want to drive their digital content management strategy. So there's an example.



We have customers that know what we do on all facets of email, but their prime use case is to get content out of inbound email, like invoices, so they can get it to their accounts payable team inside of a platform like Box, where it makes more sense to have that content. So we see those kinds of use cases. The other thing on the inbound is we have a lot of customers that'll use mxHERO to capture inbound attachments because weaponisation of inbound attachments is a big risk for all of us, particularly in the cybersecurity world that we're living in. So, being able to safely preview that content that's flowing into the organisation is a superpower. This approach gives our customers a chance to interact with content that's coming into their organisation without having to blindly open up an attachment or file just hoping it's safe. So that's a use case. And on the outbound, you know, when we send files today, we have file size impediments, version control problems and we contribute to data sprawl.   We contribute to content sprawl because multiple actors are being copied on the content we're sharing with them. And so capturing the email on the outbound is a superpower because we are able to make sure that the sending organisation maintains control of their content even after they send it. And that's a huge win because if I need to revoke access even after I send it, I can do that. If I need to upload a new version of a file for collaboration, I can do that. If I want one set of rules for sharing content internally versus a separate set of rules like view only for content I share externally or even auto expiration of access to those files, I can do that automatically.   The key here is to allow the normal use of email and just let the software drive the collaboration and security or compliance outcome.  That’s a huge win.


So I think the value proposition for mxHERO is we can get to those initial use case wins very quickly in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. So our customers, they get a very quick win, but at the same time, they're able to unlock additional workflow automation and value within our platform as time goes on.


And that's why we have such high performance on customer retention, its because they continue to unlock additional value from mxHERO as they move forward."

5- Do you have any case study to share with us?

"Yes, sure! One of our customers (and also partner), and we're very proud of it, is Box. We do a lot of content capture from email, routing it into the Box Content Cloud. And Box is also a customer of ours and so they have an enterprise license agreement and they're able to use mxHERO not only to showcase the power of the partnership when they're meeting with customers but also to use it internally at their pleasure.


So there is a real good example there, and we have very large retail organisations for example that are processing inbound or outbound emails within their global supply chain in multiple languages, and we're able to auto-capture those as they flow into email, and then get them into a platform like the Box Content Cloud so that they can then automate their workflow.


So a lot of different examples across a lot of different customer ecosystems, but those are a couple of examples of where customers are finding value with mxHERO and our Mail2Cloud platform."

6- Are you looking for new strategic and/or commercial partners?

"I think mxHERO has, over the last three years, really committed to the partner ecosystem because it gives us the distribution breadth and it localizes our relationships with our customer eco-system. It's one of the reasons we have a partnership with you at CyberSecura. We have partnerships with Infraweb, for example, that are located in Paris, France. We have partners across Europe. We have a very vast partner ecosystem in Asia Pacific, primarily in Japan, where we have over 20 distribution and reseller partners that are able to story tell with their customers, build localised relationships,  and to ensure customer success outcomes are achieved locally.


So I think we will continue on that path. I think we have a very robust partner ecosystem right now. And I think our goal is not how many partners we have, but making sure the partners that we do have are successful, that they're able to be profitable and to drive their own customer success outcomes with mxHERO. We know that whether it's in Americas or in Asia Pac or in Europe, the use cases we see are actually a little different. And the partners that are localised with our customers know those use cases better than we do.


So for example, CyberSecura, you guys know very well that your customer ecosystem are really focused on security. But because you have this partner to partner alliance with an  mxHERO distributor like InfraWeb out of Paris, for example, one of our prime distributors in Europe, it gives us the ability to talk to the customer about things beyond email security, such as sustainability.


What a lot of people don't know is when you extract email attachments, you reduce CO2 processing overhead. In fact, we've got a calculator that shows this, but a 1,000 person organisation, for example, generates over 600 metric tons of CO2 a year. So if we can eliminate email attachments, not only do we have better workflow, better content convergence, better security, but we're actually saving the planet. And that is a huge use case in Europe – and one we’ll see emerge as a priority on a global basis.


Rather than aggressive partner eco-expansion, what we do want to do is make sure the partners we do have, like our valuable relationship with CyberSecura, are immensely successful in the eyes of our customers."

7- The extra info

"Yes, I'll give you one other kind of a forward-looking insight!


So today we've talked about how the mxHERO Mail2Cloud platform can offer a lot of advantages for customers to reduce email-based compliance and security risk, but also gain the advantage of getting email content where it should be so that they can secure it, put retention and governance policies around it, collaborate better, but do it in a secure and compliant way.


We also talked about the sustainability advantages of simply getting rid of the CO2 processing. So I think that value is very clear as far as what we do for our customers.



But I think there's something very exciting that's emerging, and that is all things AI. So all of us in tech, as you know very well, are talking about the new emergence of AI LLM models and how are we going to use AI to gain additional insights and be more effective at conducting business, doing research, being innovative?. One of the things that I think from a forward-looking perspective that we're excited about is the largest payload of unstructured data in any company or public sector agency is email, without question.

And it's not just the attachments and metadata. It's the actual email body itself. as you and I are engaging on emails, there are insights and contacts and intelligence within that that across the scale of our organisations which might be insightful from an AI perspective.  Email represents the largest segment of any agency or enterprise’s unstructured data – and we think it’s valuable.  So, as Google, Microsoft, Box, and others deploy AI LLM strategies, our role will be to enhance those strategies by allowing unstructured data from email systems to flow into those platforms – we believe that will be a win for our customers as they seek out meaningful use-cases for the deployment of AI within their organizations.


So, there’s tremendous value in automating the capture of email body, metadata, and attachments up into the content cloud where we're deploying AI because we're going to want to be able to query that unstructured data in order to derive trusted, secure and very targeted AI insights. AI is here – we plan to fuel its potential outcomes via mxHERO Mail2Cloud.


When it comes to AI, customers are going to be rapidly adopting it. They're going to be addressing the security and trust aspects of it, but they will not be excluding email from such a strategy, and I think that's going to be a catalyst for mxHERO because we're going to help them in a way that makes sense for them, get that email content into a location where that AI engine can then have access to it to give them the insight that they need. I think that is a great opportunity for us, all the other advantages aside. So it's going to be a very exciting next few months as customers really try to consolidate their unstructured data or content to power their AI outcomes. 


In short, whether we’re helping customers improve their resilience via our Mail2Cloud digital hygiene solution, automating the capture of inbound flowing email, capturing outbound flowing email, assisting with AI outcomes or reducing CO2 overhead for customers via our ability to eliminate email attachments – the next few months will be very exciting.  We’re super motivated to help partners and customers win – with customer success being our predominant motivator at mxHERO. It’s an exciting time for all of us!"

The entire CyberSecura team would like to thank Donald for his testimonial!

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