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Sandra Duret,
Associate and co-managing director at Serenys Assurances

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: who are you? What is your job ? How long have you been working for Serenys Assurances?


"I am Sandra Duret, associate and co-manager of the brokerage Serenys Assurances, based in Meylan, where I work with my partners Julien Seba and Paulo Goncalves.

At Serenys Assurances, we specialise in insurance brokerage for professionals."

2- Could you introduce us to Serenys Assurances? 

"We are an insurance brokerage firm specialising in IARD (i.e. Fire, Accident, Miscellaneous Risks) for professionals. By IARD we mean everything to do with personal and property insurance, including professional indemnity for all professions, professional indemnity and ten-year indemnity for tradespeople, directors' and officers' liability, legal protection, etc.

We also cover property damage, i.e. insurance for business premises, machinery breakdown, cars, car fleets, equipment and goods transported by professionals, and digital risks.

We also advise private individuals. In addition to home insurance, we also offer private motor insurance, legal protection, personal accident cover, etc.

We advise mainly professionals, but also individuals on the latter types of cover."

3- Who are your clients?

"Our customers are mainly professionals, and we are able to advise all types of professions (self-employed, craftspersons, very small businesses and SMEs)."


4- What is the added value for your offer?

"I would say that our added value in the insurance brokerage market is our expertise in the field. Most insurers are generalists, offering their services across the whole insurance spectrum.

My partners and I decided to create two complementary entities. Cabinet Millénniance handles personal insurance, social protection, investments, etc.; and with Serenys, we specialise in property insurance and civil liability.

I'm a former lawyer by profession, and I specialised in these areas. I've done property law and business law, so it really is my speciality!

Secondly, I think that another added value to our offer is our proximity and responsiveness. For example, we have a dedicated claims department at Serenys Assurances, thanks to our colleague who has 15 years' experience in this field: she assists our customers from A to Z with the claims management procedure.

We are a firm made up of experts in their field, and we are committed to remaining specialised and sharp in our respective areas of expertise."

5- Do you have any case study to share with us?

"Of course it is! I have two examples in mind.

I recently met a client who was creating a brand new service profession, one that didn't yet exist on the market. I approached a number of insurance companies to come up with a suitable offer.

Thanks to my legal skills, I was able to draft appropriate clauses and submit all these elements to the company with an appropriate presentation of the dossier!

Finally, once the clauses had been drafted, and my approach to the case included the elements relating to the legal risks, the company immediately followed my lead in creating tailor-made cover for this new profession! My clients are the only ones in this very specific profession.

In my opinion, this activity could be assimilated to another activity: so I used this as an example, and then I drafted the clauses that corresponded to his service contract, so that my client would be protected and guaranteed, and the insurance company would support us in the creation of this new activity.

I also specialise in professional drone insurance, and partner with Escadrone, which is based in Montbonnot-Saint-Martin.

We offer cover tailored to risks in the air, on land, at sea or underwater, as well as for equipment (breakage, theft, fire, etc.). I recently met a photographer who was also a drone pilot. She has a lot of professional equipment, which she carries around with her everywhere: the drone, cameras, lights, etc.

She told me about a claim that had happened to her: her equipment had been stolen while she was unloading the vehicle, and it turns out that in most car insurance policies, 1) drones are not covered, aircraft being excluded from the general provisions, and 2) loading and unloading are often also excluded from cover.

So, with my in-depth knowledge of the cover available on the market, I was able to offer him 'all-risk equipment' cover, which covers this specific type of activity. From now on, his equipment is covered everywhere, on his premises, during transport, in his vehicle or outside his vehicle, during loading or unloading, during the service, and so on.

From now on, there's no more discussion about your equipment: it's covered 24/7 and anywhere."

6- Are you looking for new strategic and/or commercial partners?

"Yes, absolutely. This year, with CyberSecura, we really share the same point of view. Digital risks are going to be an increasingly significant risk for businesses. Given the current economic and global context, I think that every business leader really needs to take these digital risks into account.

So in effect, I'm looking for any partner who can be at my side to help me make businesses aware of these digital risks, and to help them protect themselves."

7- Is there any other information you would like to share?

"We've just moved into our new premises at 65B Boulevard des Alpes, Meylan, at the beginning of February.

Of course, we still travel to our customers' premises to meet them, especially when they have specific premises or equipment to insure. In such cases, I always carry out a risk visit.

Our website has also been updated.

Otherwise, I communicate regularly on social networks, especially LinkedIn. I try to create content that is educational and interesting. I write a publication on a particular insurance topic, simplifying it, with the aim of informing company directors about these very specific subjects.

In my forthcoming content, I'll be tackling issues relating to cyber security. David and I will shortly be hosting two events on this theme. The first event will be for members of Club d'affaires Protéine, a business network of which I am also a member. We'd like to organise this kind of event again, but with a wider audience, in October or November 2024 (but that's still under consideration).

So don't hesitate to connect on LinkedIn to follow my communications, keep up to date with future events, or simply come and chat!"

The entire CyberSecura team would like to thank Sandra Duret for her testimonial!

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