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Slim Touhami, Founder and CEO at Astra Porta

"This partnership allows us to jointly provide a tailored, relevant and agile offering for our customers."

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: who are you? What is your job ? How long have you been working for Astra Porta?


"Slim Touhami, I am a lawyer by training, specialising in the subjects of personal data protection, and cyber security. I founded Astra Porta in December 2020, a company I have been working for ever since."

2- Could you introduce us to Astra Porta? 

"Astra Porta is a consultancy firm, we are less than ten people, and we work with professionals on subjects related to the GDPR, cybersecurity and the SAPIN II law (law on the fight against corruption). 


We also publish an audience measurement solution, "Abla Analytics", which is a solution that allows website publishers to know the traffic on their site, while respecting the privacy of users. Our solution has been qualified by the CNIL, which allows us to be exempt from consent. In concrete terms, unlike Google Analytics, when you arrive on a website you don't even need to click "I accept" or "I refuse", this solution collects the data directly, and in a regulatory manner."

3- Are there particular values that your company wishes to defend?

​"So we have a recruitment process that aims to give priority to recruiting people from minorities or working class areas. So I would say inclusion, and gender equality: today there are more women than men at Astra Porta."

4- How did you hear about CyberSecura?

"I got to know David via the social network Shapr: I got in touch with him via this social network."

5- What kind of relationship do you have with CyberSecura? How does this partnership work?


"CyberSecura has cybersecurity skills for which we are currently understaffed. When we have needs that are formulated by our clients, and which are of this order (so drafting of ISSP, organisational audit, assessment of the cybersecurity of subcontractors etc.), we discuss them with David and we propose CyberSecura profiles to our prospects and clients."​​

6- What does the partnership with CyberSecura bring you?

"Cybersecura is a cybersecurity start-up, which means that together we can provide an adapted, relevant and agile offer for our customers. And then Grenoble and Lyon, it's not very far, we have the chance to promote cybersecurity in the Rhône Alpes region."​

7- Are you satisfied with the partnership with CyberSecura? For what reasons?

"Yes, everything is going very well. First of all for the expertise that CyberSecura brings to us, but also for the relationship we have."​​

8-  What are your development perspective with CyberSecura ? 

"I am very satisfied with the business partnership, so I think we will continue to work together on this basis. At the moment we have only worked on one project together, we are looking forward to future opportunities to collaborate." ​​

9- Is there any specific project you could tell me about?

"Yes, of course. We were working with a client, who needed an ISSP, so we proposed this project to CyberSecura, who won it and finalised the contract. The client was very happy with the service."​​

All CyberSecura's team thanks Slim for his testimonial!

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