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Emma-Caya Le Postollec,

Responsible for CSR projects and partnerships at

Act For Now

Jean Christophe Beau.jpeg
Jean-Christophe Beau,
Associate at Act For Now
Thibaud Lesuisse.jpeg
Thibaud Lesuisse,
Project Director at Act For Now

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: who are you? What is your job ? How long have you been working for Act For Now?


Emma-Caya - "My name is Emma-Caya Le Postollec. I've been doing work experience at Act For Now for three months now, and I'm in charge of partnerships and CSR projects."

Thibaud - "My name is Thibaud Lesuisse. I joined the agency at the beginning of the year, after 10 years in energy consultancy. At Act For Now, I'm a senior consultant, so I'm able to work on issues related to decarbonisation, carbon footprints and the energy transition of businesses. "

Jean-Christophe - "Finally, I'm Jean-Christophe Beau, who has been a partner at Act For Now for a year now. My background is in strategic consulting, business marketing and quality of life at work, which is one of the areas of CSR. I joined the organisation as a partner because I'm convinced that the issues addressed by Act For Now are clearly issues for the future, and I think that we're never out of our depth when it comes to pushing these issues."

2- Could you introduce us to Act For Now? 

Thibaud - "Act For Now is an agency offering two types of service: consultancy, training and awareness-raising, as well as support for businesses (VSEs, SMEs and local authorities) in their socio-ecological transition.


We offer both local advice, to help companies launch their CSR strategy and begin their transition (whether it's the ecological transition, carbon issues, biodiversity issues or the more social aspects, diversity and inclusion), and a range of awareness-raising and training courses on all these issues".


Emma-Caya - "Alongside this, we have a catalogue of events, workshops and services that are quite diverse and varied: these can take the form of seminars, conferences and training courses, always in connection with CSR issues, and to enable our customers to offer committed events."


Thibaud - "The aim is really to be able to provide company directors and managers - who don't have the time to go rummaging around - with a range of services for their next events, and to help their teams develop their skills. 

In terms of location, we work primarily in Grenoble, Lyon and Paris (as well as the areas around these regions), which is where our teams are based. After that, we've built up a network of partners across France, so we can work with companies located just about anywhere in France.


So our main area of operation, as close as possible to our customers, is Paris, Lyon and Grenoble."

3- Who are your clients?

Thibaud - "Most of our customers are very small businesses, SMEs, local authorities and ETIs. However, we are able to address all areas of activity.

At Act For Now, we have developed four areas of expertise: 

  • Digital (SS2i companies, IT consultancies)

  • Sustainable mobility and active mobility. 

  • Sustainable tourism (tourist offices, accommodation providers, independent accommodation providers, companies, local authorities), mainly in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. In this context, Charlotte helps our customers to begin their transition.

  • Local authorities and education. In the education sector, for example, we have a major client, the UGA (Grenoble Alpes University), and in the local authority sector we're working with a town hall stand in the Lyon metropolitan area. 

So one of our ambitions is that this ecological transition should not just focus on businesses, but that local authorities should also play their part."


4- What is the added value for your offer?

Thibaud - "You have to realise that we're in a market where there is competition: the big consultancies now all have this CSR support aspect. And then there are a lot of consultancies starting up across France, or independents joining forces.
So it's a fairly competitive market. But I think that in the sustainable development market, the notion of competition doesn't really make sense: the important thing is to support the ecological transition, and it doesn't matter who does it! 

However, what sets us apart from the other players in this market is mainly the catalogue that Emma-Caya has presented to you. We don't know how to do everything ourselves, so we surround ourselves with a network of partners who can provide the best entertainment at the best time!
That's our first differentiating feature, one that we're going to boost even further with the Act For Now website. 

Our second point of differentiation is certainly the CSR barometer that we created a year and a half or two years ago. It's a barometer that we carried out on a national scale, and which we are able to replicate within different companies. 
So for this CSR barometer, we interviewed a thousand working people about their perception of the socio-ecological transition, and in order to obtain the broad outlines of this environmental awareness, the level of eco-anxiety, their desire to take action, and what would really interest them in their company, the key actions that decision-makers should put in place, and so on. This barometer is now turnkey, and we can apply it to any of our customers, so that the company can compare itself with the national average."

5- Do you have any case study to share with us?

Thibaud : "Of course you can! We can give you the case of an SME, an industrial customer (whose name I won't mention). They are based in Lyon and employ around a hundred people. They have recently embarked on this ecological transition, and we have supported them in all aspects of our offerings. We have launched a wide-ranging awareness-raising campaign for their employees, we have created the climate frescos, we have trained them internally so that they can be autonomous in training and running new frescos, and then we are helping them to define their ecological transition strategy. How do they see themselves in 2030? What impact do they want to have on the environment? What impact do they want to have from a slightly more social point of view? And to define very clear objectives (such as phasing out certain petroleum products, for example) with clearly defined figures. So we're helping them to formalise this strategy, and then to put in place the action plan that will enable them to move in that direction. 



They are now in the process of involving all their employees in this transition: all their employees have been made aware of the issue, and around fifteen objectives for 2030 (environmental, social and societal objectives) have been written and are in the process of being validated."

6- Are you looking for new strategic and/or commercial partners?

Thibaud - "As part of the catalogue, and I'll leave it to Emma-Caya to add to what I've already said, our ambition is to create the most comprehensive catalogue of CSR services. The aim is to give our customers access to a whole range of committed services without having to search through 25,000 different platforms. 


So, yes, we're constantly on the lookout for new partners to complement and enhance our catalogue with original, committed offerings."


Emma-Caya : "Yes, I would have said the same thing. We really want to be able to offer them as many different activities and services as possible, while remaining clear and understandable."


Thibaud - "And by 'service' we mean events, as Emma-Caya has just said, we mean training, because we really want to go a step further (we do 1, 2 or 3-day modules to delve into certain CSR topics), we also mean conferences, so we can bring in inspiring people from the world of innovation, sport and other sectors."


Emma-Caya - "Eco-locations as well, to offer original places." 

Thibaud - "And also everyday solutions. For example, companies that would like to deploy electric vehicles: they don't have to compare many solutions, there are charging points that we have identified, as well as other everyday solutions. 
So any committed company that shares our values and whose activity in one way or another responds to CSR issues is an interesting partner for us".

7- The extra info

"Act For Now has undergone a bit of change, with a new website, a change of name and an increase in staff from 2 to 7: we're really coming to the end of two years of major developments!


So we have experts in these different CSR themes as well as in the different sectors we mentioned earlier (tourism, mobility, local authorities, etc.).


What's more, we're going to take advantage of the new site to offer a more collaborative catalogue. Until now, we've been in charge of the partners' catalogue. The idea is that tomorrow we'll be able to offer a collaborative platform on which each of our partners can update their profile, product or service completely independently."


The entire CyberSecura team would like to thank Emma-Caya, Thibaut and Jean-Christophe for their testimonial!

Discover Act For Now website.

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