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Sophie Raimbault-Mutel

Sophie Raimbault-Mutel, ex-head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Inovallée & Responsible for the Tarmac Incubator

"We're looking to formalise this partnership and enhance it, particularly in the area of security by design, to encourage best practices among our start-ups and help them get a head start"

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: who are you? What is your job ? How long have you been working for Inovallée and Tarmac?


"Hello, I am Sophie Raimbault-Mutel, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Manager for Inovallée and I currently manage the Tarmac incubator for technological start-ups. I've been in charge for a year now, but I've been with the team for 7 years as a start-up support manager. Today, I am leaving for new professional adventures. Jeremy Touffut becomes the new manager of the Tarmac."

2- Could you introduce us to Tarmac? 

"Before presenting the incubator, I will make a small aside because the Tarmac is only a commercial brand, created by Inovallée to materialise its service of incubation of technological start-ups. The Inovallée Technopole is an interface specialised in innovation engineering created 50 years ago next to Grenoble, in the municipalities of Meylan and Montbonnot. In 2014, the structure set up an incubator for technological start-ups, the Tarmac, which offers a comprehensive support program for technological start-ups under 3 years old. Its role is to support the creation and growth of start-ups, to connect them to the entire innovation and economic ecosystem and thus facilitate access to a network of experts."

3- Are there particular values that your company wishes to defend?

"The main value that Tarmac stands for is 'Human First'. More than a value, it is really a philosophy of work and support. We don't support a technology or a company, but men and women who want to be involved in the development of tomorrow's world and thus contribute to the various environmental and societal issues. We are here to foster the development of new technologies, but also, sometimes, to accompany project holders on changes in strategy, as start-ups often make many pivots before finding their market. That's why we've chosen to support the human above all else."

4- How did you hear about CyberSecura?

"CyberSecura first came to Tarmac in 2017 for a workshop to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues among Tarmac startups. It was the first time we met Saghar and David and, from that workshop, we said to each other with Claire Chanterelle, who created the Tarmac in 2014 and is currently CEO of Inovallée, that there was a real subject to work on and that we had a role to play in acculturating start-ups to the field of cybersecurity, whether it be for software or hardware start-ups. Then CyberSecura was incubated at Tarmac from 2020 to 2022."

5- What kind of relationship do you have with CyberSecura? How does this partnership work?


​"The whole team has always been very involved during the incubation period to bring its expertise and vision to the other start-ups. The Tarmac is always looking to initiate new partnerships with high added value for its start-ups, partnerships that can accelerate and sustain their development. And CyberSecura has always been a force of proposal on the subjects of cybersecurity and GDPR compliance. That's how the idea for this partnership was born." 

6- What does the partnership with CyberSecura bring you?

"Tarmac plays an acculturation role with start-ups on all subjects. This partnership allows us to make them aware at an early stage of the importance of 'by design' security, which is a major issue for protecting their intellectual property, but also for guaranteeing the robustness of the architecture and development of their solutions throughout the life cycle. By integrating it as early as possible, from the specification and design phases, teams can better anticipate risks, whether technical or human. It is very important that our start-ups start from the beginning with good practices, which will make their company more reliable and be a guarantee of quality for their customers. I talk a lot about cybersecurity because it is a key issue for start-ups, but there is obviously the whole GDPR part, which Cybersecura also deals with. The latter, like any organisation, are subject to the GDPR as soon as they process personal data. However, they sometimes forget to integrate these aspects at the beginning. So again, we have a key role to play in raising awareness about the importance of becoming GDPR compliant." 

7- Conversely, how do you think this partnership benefits CyberSecura?

"Being able to compare ideas and get feedback on the ground quickly also seems very important to me for Cybersecura. This allows us to co-construct an offer that is 100% adapted to these start-ups, because they really do have very specific expectations, different timeframes as well and strong reliability issues."

8- Are you satisfied with the partnership with CyberSecura? For what reasons?

​"The formalisation is recent but the partnership has been in effect for a while. Several start-ups from the Tarmac have been able to benefit from it and we already have very interesting and qualitative feedback. So, we are very satisfied with the partnership". 

9-  What are your development perspective with CyberSecura ? 

"We're looking to formalise this partnership and enhance it, particularly in the area of security by design, to encourage best practices among our start-ups and help them get a head start. The planned evolution is mainly about valuing all the work that is done. And, of course, the partnership will evolve according to the feedback from the field and the real needs of the start-ups!" ​

10- Is there any specific project you could tell me about?

"Several things had already been put in place, notably with CS-ACCESS, which revealed that we were not meeting the expectations of start-ups. This offer did not match the reality of the field and their needs. Finally, this gave rise to the idea that we needed a much more customised offer for this type of company. We also gave an internal presentation on cybersecurity issues. This presentation generated a strong interest from the start-ups and raised awareness. We also implemented the flash diagnosis offered by CyberSecura: in less than a year, many flash diagnosis have already been performed at Tarmac!"

All CyberSecura's team thanks Sophie for her testimonial!

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