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Guillaume Lepelletier, CTO Kheoos

Guillaume Lepelletier,
CTO at Kheoos

"The elements that I particularly appreciated in the solution provided by CyberSecura were the "tailor-made" support aspect. [...] CyberSecura really tried to understand our needs and to adapt its offer to our needs and our means."

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: your company, your position, your responsibilities?


"I am Guillaume Lepelletier, technical director, in charge of all the technical part of the start-up, and I am also one of the three founding members.


So to introduce you to the company, Kheeos is a very young start-up (two years old). We are aimed at manufacturers who have production lines and who have to manage a whole range of maintenance parts: we offer them services to optimise their stocks, reduce their costs and also improve their ecological impact by working on the reuse of stored and unused parts."


2- For what type of need did you call upon CyberSecura? What was the trigger?


"We are in the early stages of launching the start-up, we are creating our product offering. 

Our offer is 100% online: we have a platform and a whole set of services. 

From the very beginning of the construction of this platform we knew that we would have to take into account all these cybersecurity aspects, with regard to ourselves but also with regard to our customers' computer systems. 

So we contacted CyberSecura because we knew we had to go through this area. Only we didn't know what to do, or how to do it, or how to find the right balance, not to do too much, but not to do things that turn out to be unnecessary either."

3- Why did you choose to entrust these missions to CyberSecura rather than to someone else?


"For the geographical proximity, as well as for the fact that it was more or less the same type of company as us, so a young company, and it's true that it was easier to discuss with the CyberSecura teams than with a large group."

4- Did you have any fears before the implementation of the project?


"No, I didn't really have any fears about CyberSecura's intervention because this was a first audit mission to see, in relation to the very first realisations and implementations of the architectures that we had done ourselves, at what level we were: i.e., was the consideration of cybersecurity correct or not?"

5- What are the challenges in your business today?


"Our entire business model is based on the fact that our customers agree to share some of their industrial data with us, and on the fact that we are able to process them while guaranteeing that their anonymity and confidentiality are respected, and above all that no one can attack us, disclose or steal our data, or corrupt our information systems.

The real challenge for us is therefore to be able to guarantee the perfect security of the industrial data entrusted to us by companies."

6- How would you describe the work of CyberSecura and its team, in just a few words?


"For this mission, what was very good was the "tailor-made" aspect: CyberSecura was able to adapt its offer according to what we were able to pay, and to our priorities at the time."

7- What are the results of this collaboration?


"It is always very difficult to put a figure on the results of such collaboration. 

So far we have not been attacked, but we cannot know if we would have been if we had not implemented the recommendations.


The main benefits for me were that we had an audit report, which we were all able to understand without being cybersecurity experts, and so we were able to tackle the first priorities (because the remarks in the audit report mentioned notions of order priorities, so we were able to organise the work according to the priority points)."

8- What did you appreciate the most in the solution provided by CyberSecura?


"The elements I particularly appreciated in the solution provided by CyberSecura were this aspect of "tailor-made" support, as well as an easily understandable report, allowing the teams a global vision of the elements to be put in place."

9- What advice would you give to companies facing the same challenge as you?


"I would indeed return a piece of advice given in the context of the audit: take cybersecurity into account as early as possible in the design of information systems.

In this respect, we are lucky: as we are starting out, we are starting from a blank page, which we can write as we wish in order to take these aspects into account. 

But it's still difficult, even for us: in our day-to-day lives we often want to go quickly, even if it means putting certain aspects aside, whereas it's really essential to design your information systems well from the start. This is the key to a well-designed system."

10- Would you recommend CyberSecura to others? For what reason(s)?


"Yes, yes, I would recommend the company, I have already discussed it several times with different people.

And for what reason? Well mainly for the à la carte service. CyberSecura really tried to understand our needs and to adapt their offer according to our needs, and our means."

All CyberSecura's team thanks Guillaume for his testimonial !

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