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Hani Sherry

Hani Sherry,

Co-founder of TiHive

"CyberSecura has been able to simplify the complexity of cybersecurity, simplify with the excellent quality of service."

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself : your company, your position, your responsibilities?

"My name is Hani Sherry, co-founder of TiHive. We have built a process monitoring solution to help industrials make sure that the quality of the product is high, while optimising raw materials. Our technology is based on Terahertz imaging, where we plug-in compact cameras inside of production lines, and with AI, we are able to analyse the production quality in real time on the Cloud, and deliver KPIs that are important for the industrial users."

2- For what type of need did you call upon CyberSecura? What was the trigger?

"So at TiHive, we were at a moment where we were evolving our prototypes towards product level. TiHive was growing, we were 7 people and today we are 20 persons. So at that moment, we needed to change our offices, prepare ourselves for a large-scale R&D and product development, including microelectronics, electronics and software. Therefore we planned to equip ourselves with the necessary infrastructures that allows us to build this product in a efficient and secure fashion. CyberSecura was a key actor to help us effectively build this secure infrastructure that allows us to manage and access our data securely but also to build a data infrastructure that is also secure to our customers. In addition to that, we worked with CyberSecura on confidentiality items such as GDPR, so David helped us by training our team to better understand our responsibilities in terms of GDPR." 

3- Why did you choose to entrust these missions to CyberSecura rather than to someone else?


"First of all, it's a human aspect that matters most to us. CyberSecura is a team that is very close to their customers. They weren't there to impose on us things that we didn't want. What we appreciated the most about CyberSecura is that the first thing that the team did was to understand what we really needed. And that is extremely important. They also respected the way we work, the culture of the company, and they worked to adapt to the way that TiHive operates. That is the first thing. Beyond that, what we cared about was the quality of service. We are building an infrastructure that must be secure. To respond to that, we needed to work with experts in the domain of cybersecurity, and that has the culture, the ways and the methods that are adapted to cybersecurity practices. And that is what CyberSecura has offer."

4- Did you have any fears before the project was set up?

"It's an absolutely unknown world. Working on cybersecurity seems most of the time related to the science-fiction. So it's a little bit strange. You don't know what you can expect. So yes absolutely, we didn't know whether we were absolutely far away from good practices, whether we needed to have huge investments as well. However we are driven by our purpose, and what is important for us it to put the right methods and the right tools, to have the rights tools that will allow us to build a secure infrastructure. I would say, CyberSecura helped us understand that this is not necessarily a scary domain, however this is a very serious domain which is something that we knew. They helped us as well adapt to the different methods that are required and the different protocols that are needed."

5- What are the challenges in your business today?

"This is very similar to a lot of challenges that are out there in the world. We manage a Big Data, so we secure Big Data. CyberSecurity is becoming a very important element all around the world, that is a challenge that is not only related to TiHive but to everybody around the world."

6- How would you describe the work of CyberSecura, its team, in just a few words?

"Simplifying the complexity of cybersecurity, simplifying it with the excellent quality of service."

7- What are the results of this collaboration? 

"The result is that we are working with a well-functioning infrastructure here. The team is up to date as well with good practices. So this is a very important work that we normally do in the backstage, so this is something that you don't see, but this is something that helps us as well communicating with more confidence and assurance when we are talking with customers. Because customers care about the security of their data so it's our responsibility as well to ensure that. And therefore, the work with CyberSecura helps us make sure that we are in the good direction."

8- What did you like most about CyberSecura's solution?

"The proximity with the team, this is something we appreciate a lot. Something really interesting to mention is that we moved to our new offices, we had to manage to many things at the same time : equipments, connectivity of the offices, etc. CyberSecura was present physically as well with us during that period of time, and that helped us a lot because it's already a very difficult operation, it's very challenging. Of course, in addition to the most important part that is the very elegant way of working with the customers. I would say this is an extra, let's say a "coup de coeur" that comes in addition to the actual operation work which is work of quality."

9- What advice would you give to organisations facing the same challenge as you?

"It is a responsibility of every company of being up to date with cybersecurity issues because we are managing more and more data, the world is very much connected today, and part of the quality of services of all companies is also respecting the confidentiality of customers' information, whether it's related to infrastructure of the company offering the services or the services themselves. The advice would be "look at that as early as possible". TiHive started thinking of that from day one, and about the different services that needed to be secure like our emails, securing our internal practices, confidentiality issues, etc. All of these elements have been in the heart of the company from the beginning. If we talk about startups maybe it's very important to have the "minimum starting kit of cybersecurity" from day 1. It doesn't have to be extremely complex but maybe a set of good practices."

10- Would you recommend CyberSecura to others? For what reason(s)?

"Absolutely yes. Every businessman and businesswoman cares about their business, their employees, and their customers. In this world which is very dynamic, and fast and super connected, you need to be supported by people that know how to manage and maintain confidentiality but also propose solutions for confidentiality and security. And to do that you need people that can work with you as a partner, you need people that can really put themselves in your shoes, and side by side, look at the challenges and propose solutions. So for us, CyberSecura is solution-oriented, focused on finding solutions for challenges and that's really what we need, and what companies really need in this world so I absolutely recommend CyberSecura for being your partner for cybersecurity."

All CyberSecura's team thanks Hani Sherry for his testimonial!

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