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Nathalie Renou

Nathalie Renou,

Director of Operations for Extellient

"CyberSecura's work was very thorough. We really appreciated their professionalism and the skills of the people we spoke to. We were well advised, and received very precise deliverables and clear guidelines."

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: your company, your position and your responsibilities?

" I'm Nathalie Renou, Director of Operations for Extellient.


At Extellient, we create tailor-made digital solutions for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Our main aim is to "make our customers' lives easier".

For example, a business process that lies between CRM, ERP and EDM, or a specific need that is not covered by the tools on the market, requiring the manipulation of data specific to the company's business. To do this, we design web & mobile applications according to the challenges and needs.


I joined the company in 2014 as Project Manager, with initial training as an IT and multimedia engineer, and some twenty years' experience in development and project management. Since 2018, I have held the position of Project Manager / Operations Manager.


My job involves managing the production team, organising schedules and providing teams with the tools they need to work in good conditions. I'm also in charge of implementing our quality procedure, and I'm involved upstream of projects in consulting, strategic framing and functional design of applications.


There are two aspects that are particularly close to our hearts at Extellient: user experience (we have specialists with expertise in design and UX/UI) and quality (in particular, we carry out tests to ensure that we deliver a product perfectly free of technical bugs) ."



2- For what type of need did you call on CyberSecura? What was the trigger?

"We called on CyberSecura's services as part of a new project involving the processing of particularly sensitive customer information, and thus requiring a security-by-design approach. We needed to ensure from the outset that our applications met security requirements, to check the quality of our internal processes, and to get an expert's view on the subject."



3- Why did you choose to entrust these missions to CyberSecura rather than to someone else?

"We chose to entrust CyberSecura with these assignments because we had already been in contact with them, and were looking forward to the opportunity of working together in practice. At the time of this collaboration, we were still defining the outlines of a partnership. This project was therefore an opportunity for our two companies to work together for the first time, to understand how CyberSecura's expertise could benefit us."



4- Did you have any fears before setting up the project?

"No, we were confident and had no particular apprehensions."



5- In your opinion, what are the challenges facing your business today?

"In our business, the main challenge is to succeed in creating solutions that include truly useful functionalities, which effectively serve our customers' needs. The second challenge is, of course, security: we have to be beyond reproach when it comes to the security of the data we handle and the applications we develop.


The challenge for us is therefore to succeed in producing useful, tailor-made and bug-free solutions, but never at the expense of the security of the data or the users of our solutions."



6- How would you describe the work carried out by CyberSecura and its team, in just a few words?


"CyberSecura's work was very thorough. We very much appreciated their professionalism and the skills of our contacts. We received good advice, very precise deliverables and clear guidelines. Everything was really very professional."



7- What are the results of this collaboration?


"First of all, we were reassured by the positive feedback we received from the CyberSecura teams on the good security practices and habits already in place at Extellient. We now know which areas we need to work on to further strengthen the security and confidentiality of the applications we develop.


Finally, this collaboration has given rise to a very useful partnership for a company like Extellient. We now know that, in the event of any issues relating to cybersecurity or RGPD compliance, we can count on a partner to support us, and to whom we can turn at any time.


To illustrate this point, I recently had a very specific question, which followed on from the mission carried out by CyberSecura, and I found it very appreciable to have a contact to whom I could put my question. I got a very precise answer. It's really reassuring for us to know that we have an expert partner to support us in these highly technical issues."



8- What did you appreciate the most in the solution provided by CyberSecura?


"We really appreciated the attentiveness of the CyberSecura teams. They were very professional in the sense that they understood perfectly what we needed and what we expected from this service. The response provided in terms of risk diagnosis, guidelines and recommendations was clear and precise, and highly professional."

9- What advice would you give to companies facing the same problem / having the same project as you? 


"My advice would be to take cybersecurity issues very seriously, and make sure you're at the cutting edge in this area. In my opinion, you need to have someone with sufficient training and experience in-house to take charge of these issues, right from the project design stage.


Otherwise, you should not hesitate to call in an external service provider. What's more, as the field of cybersecurity evolves enormously, it's essential to have the means to keep a constant watch on the subject, either in-house or by delegating these aspects to a professional.


Today, cybersecurity by design is an indispensable element for companies operating in the custom digital development sector."



10- Would you recommend CyberSecura to others? Yes / No, for what reason(s)?

"Yes, certainly, and for the reasons outlined above. 


The CyberSecura team stands out for its professionalism and ability to listen carefully to its customers. Their priority is to respond specifically to the need expressed, with a high level of competence, without pushing for the purchase of superfluous services."

All CyberSecura's team thanks Nathalie Renou for her testimonial !

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