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Nicolas Chabanoles, CTO Bonitasoft

Nicolas Chabanoles,
CTO at Bonitasoft

"We really appreciate the expertise Saghar brings to the table in her advice and approach. [...]

A real education of the employees has been put in place and this has been very much appreciated by the teams."

1- Could you briefly introduce yourself: your company, your position, your responsibilities?


"I am Nicolas Chabanoles, CTO (or technical director) at Bonitasoft (a software publisher based in Grenoble). We work in the field of process management (or Business Process Management now called Digital Process Automation (DPA)).


Our work revolves around everything that is business process, and we provide an open-source software suite that allows companies to automate their processes."


2- For what type of need did you call upon CyberSecura? What was the trigger?


"We wanted to do a security audit of our software to see if we were vulnerable to certain security flaws. After contacting several companies, we started talking to Saghar in July 2017 about a potential audit.


But rather than doing audits every year, every two years or every three years to publish a report, Saghar offered us coaching around cyber security. We particularly liked this approach: this much more incremental approach allowed us to be much more confident about the quality of the software developed and made available to users and customers.


We finally preferred this approach and revised our need, and we became partners in the sense that CyberSecura accompanies us on a daily basis in our cybersecurity approach."


3- Why did you choose to entrust these missions to CyberSecura rather than to someone else?


"We chose to work with CyberSecura because of the support offered, which we felt was the most relevant approach."


4- Did you have any fears before the project was set up?


"Yes, a few, all of which related to Bonitasoft's ability to take into account all the feedback and advice from CyberSecura, as cybersecurity was something new for us.

As we were new to taking cybersecurity into account, we didn't realise the extent of the work ahead, or the constraints that would be brought in, etc."


5- How would you describe the work of CyberSecura, its team, in just a few words?


"I would say "very professional", we really appreciate the expertise Saghar brings to the table in his advice and approach. And the other adjective I would use would be "educational", this is something we needed, Saghar was able to teach us what cybersecurity is, promote it internally and explain the interest and importance of it all.


Those are the adjectives I would use: the educational side and the expert side."

6- What are the results of this collaboration?  


"The most obvious results have been to reassure some of our prospects about our cybersecurity practices: we are now able to explain to them how we work and our security policy for the product. This is very reassuring for prospects, and it is also a commercial advantage. 

We have been working together for three years and are about to enter the fourth year of collaboration."

7- What elements did you appreciate the most in the solution provided by CyberSecura?


"I'll use the same term, but I'll emphasise the educational aspect, particularly with regard to the product and development teams. A real education of the employees has been put in place and this has been very much appreciated by the teams."


8- What advice would you give to companies facing the same problem and/or having the same project as you? 


"I would advise them to be accompanied by professionals: both for the implementation of security processes and for the training of employees, because one cannot be done without the other."

9- Would you recommend CyberSecura to others? For what reason(s)?


"Yes, for the expertise and pedagogy, for companies that, like us, need to discover cybersecurity and begin to initiate a transformation: Saghar has helped us greatly in this respect. I would definitely recommend CyberSecura to companies operating in the same context as us."

CyberSecura's team thanks Nicolas for his testimonial !

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