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50% discount on your project compliance study


What is a project compliance study?

Our project compliance study services allow you to measure and evaluate the compatibility of your project with the regulations on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

Do you have a project requiring the implementation of personal data processing? CyberSecura supports you in the implementation of your project in order to ensure the compliance of your data processing. We make sure to always provide you with a satisfactory and realistic answer so that the GDPR is not only a generator of constraints but also of opportunities for your organisation.

Content of the service

contenu presta
  • Preliminary interview with the people in charge of the project in order to understand precisely the needs and the objectives.

  • Drafting of various scenarios in order to highlight the potential compliance gaps to be anticipated and their consequences.

  • Analysis of the regulatory constraints linked to these various scenarios.

  • Recommendation of solutions to comply with the regulatory constraints highlighted.

  • Drafting of a report.

  • Feedback to the teams in charge of the project as well as to the management.

Why choose us?
pourquoi nous ?

Our diverse experience as DPO has enabled us to develop our method of achieving and maintaining compliance, which combines pragmatism and transparency.

  • Flexible support: always in a position of recommendation, never rigid: the client remains the decision-maker.

  • Extensive experience in data protection in the health sector, notably with the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital, establishments in the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire, inter-company occupational health services, health technology companies and home health services, etc. 

  • Strong collaboration between our DPO consultants and our cybersecurity consultants for an unequalled efficiency on certain technical aspects of data security. 

  • We favour quality over quantity: our consultants work with a limited number of clients in order to guarantee services of consistent and expert quality.

Clients' testimonials

Laurent SabotData Analyst à l'Office du Tourisme des 2 Alpes


"This service enabled us to highlight opportunities that immediately spoke to the various decision-makers. David assured us that the GDPR was not only constraints but also a lot of opportunities, which is often hard to believe when we talk about regulations. [...] But the result was just the opposite so we were very happy."

cas client
Client case study
services privacy by design
privacy by design pour office du tourisme
étude cas client les 2 Alpes
cas client étude de projet

Would you like to have a concrete example of how an outsourced timeshare DPO service works?

Consult our client use case concerning the service provided to PST38.

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