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Connected objects (or IoT, Internet of Things) are a real gateway for hackers. DDoS attacks (or denial of service), data leakage, intrusion on network infrastructure, propagation of viruses and malware, are all risks inherent to the use of connected objects.


Using connected systems with end-to-end data security is critical to the security of your business, products and digital product bricks.


The cybersecurity of connected objects and systems should be considered from the very beginning. But it is also important to design cybersecurity in a dynamic way: it must be continuous, permanent and regularly updated.


CyberSecura supports you in the creation and implementation of secure and efficient systems, processes and connected objects for your customers, but also for your company.


Securing the cloud solution 

  • Architectural analysis, including communications and storage.


Device security

  • Firmware security assessment;

  • Hardware chip security;

  • Device availability robustness assessment.


Our analyses are based on relevant standards, such as IEC62443 and IEC62351, and our recommendations will be relevant to the criticality level of the application. 


Why choose us?

  • Operational experience in cyber security for intelligent buildings

  • Technical profiles with expertise in areas such as microelectronics and infrastructure

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