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"Cybersecurity ? .... yes, but later".

Updated: Apr 26

How many times have I heard this remark, a symbol of the strong procrastination that slows down digital security ?


Whether today is not the right time, or whether a future time will apparently be much more appropriate, there is always an excuse given to put off cyber security until tomorrow.

What risks arise from this discrepancy ?

Risks not only present but growing

Of course, in the period before the cybersecurity work, the risks of an impactful attack remain high, and even increase as other companies improve their defences and hackers prefer the least well protected targets. Without improvements, your relative level of protection will weaken.

Increased debt and compromised future security.

The more your technology matures, the more sophisticated your product becomes, the more expensive it is to secure, either in terms of remanufacturing costs if it is necessary to impact an architecture or rethink a data flow, or in terms of the cost of securing technology if the design of the product requires numerous technological additions. The security debt thus tends to grow exponentially. A parallel can be drawn with the time allowed for a fire to spread before it is fought. The fire brigade's adage is: "you need a glass of water after 1 minute, 1 bucket of water after 2 minutes, 1 tanker after 3 minutes". Not wishing to dedicate a glass of water today, will you be able to mobilise a water tanker in a while ?

Clear benefits of managing security now

Immediate reduction in the risk of an impacting attack

Any security strategy must take into account a prioritisation, resulting from an audit, which will enable urgent measures to be taken immediately. So, even if you know that your security roadmap is a long one, start it now, as modestly as you can: the first benefits will be immediate !

Optimising business value

Jean Cocteau said: "You must do today what everyone else will do tomorrow" To increase the value of your security efforts for your prospects, it is advisable to precede the mandatory measures by showing a vision and a qualitative rigour that will set you apart from your less far-sighted competitors. Being a leader is always more rewarding than being a follower! CyberSecura supports its clients in this valuation.

Implementing Cyber Security by Design and by Default

Made mandatory by the RGPD for personal data processing, cybersecurity by design and by default are concepts that are difficult to fully apply on a product or an IS designed without this consideration. Cybersecurity by design is the most effective and efficient security method, but it must be implemented as early as possible in the life of a product.

The end of excuses

The budget

CyberSecura's auditing solutions are multi-faceted, allowing us to provide an answer to any budget. In addition, we have designed CS-Access, a monthly subscription-based support package that is compatible with even the tightest of budgets.

The product is not sufficiently mature to be audited

You now know the benefits of cybersecurity by design, and the dangers of securing it late. "The sooner the better" should be your new credo.

Our customers don't care

When your customers come back to you with questions about the security of your organisation or product, do you think they are the first to care ? Or have many prospects already turned away because they have not seen this aspect highlighted, as it should be today ? Get in front of their concerns, before they notice the security that your competitors are emphasising.

No time to manage

Your schedule, and that of your staff, is busy. We know this, and at CyberSecura the vast majority of our work is done without your input. In fact, we always work in alternating phases of taking and giving information and study phases in our offices. In this way, we minimise the impact of our services on your workload: - by carrying out all the study phases without impacting on your activity, by preparing all the sessions requiring the client's participation to make them intense, effective, and therefore short and few in number, by anticipating and planning with our clients the most favourable times for these sessions. For technology start-ups, this impact has been further reduced by designing our CS-Access coaching solution, with even more agile interactions and expertise at your disposal. They say the first step is often the hardest, but here it is very simple: contact me and let's talk today !


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