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Convinced that access to cybersecurity and GDPR regulatory compliance expertise is not only reserved for large groups, CyberSecura is working to establish partnerships with various business groups or other management clubs in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in order to enable even the smallest organisations to access cybersecurity and GDPR compliance services, and to DPO and/or CISO delegation or externalised services.


Each of the partner clusters or business associations offers its members exclusive discounts on our services.

The partners offer:

  • a 10% discount on all our services.

  • additional reductions in the ADR (average daily rate) in the event that several member companies group together to request DPO and/or CISO delegation.

Thus, in the case of grouped requests for DPO and/or CISO support, our average daily rate can be reduced further, beyond the initial 10% reduction, according to the following steps (up to a minimum reduction of 17%).


Please note: an outsourced time-sharing DPO and/or CISO support service has a minimum duration of 1 year, and a minimum volume of one day per month and per company.

2 delegations (minimum 24 days): 12% discount

3 delegations (minimum 34 days) : 14% discount

4 delegations (minimum 48 days) : 16% discount

delegations (minimum 60 days) : 17% discount

What is a DPO?

Data Protection Officer (or Délégué à la Protection des Données in French). The CNIL defines the DPO as the "conductor" of data protection compliance within the organisation that has appointed him/her.

Here are some of its missions:

Informing and advising the nominating organisation and staff

Monitoring compliance with the Regulation and national data protection law

To be the contact person for data subjects in matters relating to the protection of personal data

Cooperate with the CNIL, be its contact point

What is a CISO?

Chief Information Security Officer (ou Responsable de la Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information (RSSI), in French). He or she defines and develops the company's information system security policy (ISSP), is responsible for its implementation and monitoring, and is also responsible for projects such as internal security policies for employees (e.g. regular password changes, etc.).

Here are some of its missions:

Define the IS (Information System) security policy and ensure its application

To provide advice, assistance, information, training and warning

Carrying out technological and regulatory monitoring work in order to propose developments that it deems relevant to guarantee the security of the information system 

Be a point of contact for operators, project managers, experts and external stakeholders for safety-related issues


Are you an association, a group of leaders, and wish to discuss a potential partnership with CyberSecura? Contact Isora Vachot, in charge of partnerships development.

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