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Our SMEs co-piloting network

CyberSecura, Alegria and Laurent Chauvet create the "Gouvernail" collective, a network of service providers offering outsourced governance functions to SMEs on a time-sharing basis.


This collective was born out of a general observation: for SMEs with limited resources and reduced needs, hiring a full-time HR, IT or security/compliance manager is not always the most appropriate option. Indeed, these companies often have one-off needs, or long-term but low-volume needs, and many SMEs are not aware of outsourced timeshare services.


Gouvernail takes advantage of the strength of the group and thus offers a real support function to the smallest companies, on the main levers of corporate governance.


Outsourcing your human resources, your information system management, your regulatory compliance with the GDPR or your cybersecurity, "Gouvernail" encourages SMEs to refocus on their core business.

Time-sharing outsourcing: what is it? Who is it for?

Time-sharing outsourcing is a very relevant option for smaller companies that do not always have the resources, time or even the need to hire full-time staff.


An expert consultant shares his or her working time between several companies, either on a long-term basis or for a specific project. The consultant is then only present in the teams for a few days or even half a day per month, depending on the client's needs.


This allows companies, even the smallest ones, to have access to expert services at a controlled cost, smoothed over time. This outsourced consultant can then reinforce the internal teams (if they exist) and carry out a specific project, or address a function that did not yet exist in the company.


Time-sharing outsourcing therefore makes it possible to address one-off or low-volume needs in the smallest companies, which do not need to hire a full-time employee but still have a need for expertise.



Thus, using an outsourced timeshare consultant is relevant if :

You have expertise needs, but needs that do not require the hiring of a full-time employee.

You need expertise, but do not have the skills in-house, but would like to be able to develop them and help your teams to increase their skills.

You need expertise, but only for a very specific project.

You just need to be accompanied and guided.

You want to delegate completely.

"Gouvernail: a network of SMEs, serving SMEs

Made up of SMEs, this network of companies has certain strengths, such as a perfect understanding of the needs and challenges of SMEs and great flexibility and availability.


Moreover, the complementary nature of the expertise represented allows the consultants to remain true experts in their field of competence, while having other experts available to recommend or to call upon if necessary: and that is the strength of this network.

gouvernail (2).png

Although this network is of course destined to see the entry of new functions (such as Marketing Manager, Administrative and Financial Director, Buyer, etc.), "Gouvernail" is committed to preserving its identity and its professional ethics, which consist of working only with trusted consultants who are experts in their field.

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