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Know how to carry out a 360° assessment of an organisation, including people, culture and organisation as well as technology. Know how to create a spirit of constructive auditing rather than an imposed audit, to deal with a particular moment in the life of an organisation.

Due diligence is an essential part of an M&A process, to understand the benefits and risks involved.


CyberSecura can assist you in this challenging phase.


Before the closing stage

  • A complete overview of the cybersecurity threats related to the technology.

  • An assessment of the start-up's operational security maturity

    • HR: staff culture, specific staffing needs

    • Development processes, IT operations, travel and remote working 

  • An assessment of the start-up's compliance with the European Data Protection Act (RGPD)


Between payments

  • A detailed action plan for each start-up, in several stages, in terms of return on investment and risk management.

  • Support for start-ups 

  • A performance audit to assess the success of the implementation of the action plan.

Why choose us?

  • Senior cybersecurity expert with experience of assessing organisations.

  • Operational data protection manager.

  • Working remotely and on site around the world.


Jean Sebastien Beaucamps, presta due diligence cyber

Jean-Sebastien Beaucamps, ex VP Sodexo Ventures & Digital Partnerships

"CyberSecura allowed us to clarify the company's strengths and risks, and the recommendations for addressing them. We had a clear roadmap to improve the robustness of the solution and work together in full confidence. [...] The team managed to adapt to the sometimes complex governance of a large company like SODEXO, but also to the very specific context of this project [...].


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Would you like to see a concrete example of CyberSecura's cyber due diligence services?

Download our customer usecase for the SODEXO project, which took us all the way to Shanghai!

If you download the usecase on this page, you will access French content. If you want to read this usecase in English, please click here!

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