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Ultra-pragmatic skills, collaboration in a light and flexible manner.

Co-design for cybersecurity by design in innovative projects.

Although start-ups do not have the same needs or the same resources as large groups, they still face cybersecurity challenges.


Securing their product, their application, securing their data storage, securing their intellectual property, etc.


Because cybersecurity is not exclusively reserved for large companies: all companies are concerned.


Here are a few preconceived ideas :


  • "We are too small a company, not profitable enough to attract hackers": according to the Hiscox 2019 report, 47% of companies with less than 50 employees have been affected by a cyber incident*, as they are considered easy prey. Securing your intellectual property is everyone's business. 

  • "We know how to code, our product/application is secure": but cybersecurity is not just about coding. It's also about governance, risk management, people and technology, all of which come together throughout the lifecycle of your startup and its technology products, while adapting to its size and stage of development.

  • "Our product is not yet finished": but that's just it ! Cybersecurity by design is much more cost effective, and saves time and money. By taking cybersecurity aspects into account from the beginning, and by integrating the culture of cybersecurity into your DNA, you guarantee an efficient and secure architectural design of your product.

  • "We don't have the funds": cybersecurity increases the valuation of the start-up. Risk and exposure of information systems are becoming key selection indicators for many investors: 67% of them pay attention to these criteria.


Cybersecurity should not be a privilege of large companies : we provide the same quality and rigour to start-ups, SMEs, local authorities and large groups.

Our offer is designed for your durability, your scalability, and your ambitions 

Protect your IP

  • Your innovation is your most important asset;

  • Without protection, it is an easy target for theft and copying.


Save money today and tomorrow

  • Security by design costs less to implement;

  • A well-designed architecture evolves securely at a lower cost.


Sell better

  • Get a sales pitch and a badge for your sales force;

  • Reassure your prospects and customers with a proper security report.


Raise funds 

  • Show the sustainability of your organisation and the safety of your products;

  • Show your professionalism through active safety awareness.

Why choose us?

  • Alongside start-ups at the HUB612 in Lyon or the Tarmac in Meylan for diagnostic operations, we have provided security support to several start-ups. 

  • Working in innovation ourselves, we are housed in an incubator: we know the needs, constraints and working methods of start-ups.

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