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If you have signed a contract with CyberSecura, then you are eligible for our security and/or compliance badges!


These badges have a purely commercial objective: demonstrate your cyber maturity and/or compliance efforts, and promote your cybersecurity and/or GDPR compliance support to your customers, prospects, investors, etc.

You can then use these buttons on your website, on your product sheets, on your brochures and flyers, and any other communication medium you deem relevant.


In cybersecurity, such as GDPR compliance, these buttons assess cybersecurity/compliance:

  • Of your business: the 'business' buttons assess the cyber maturity/compliance of your business and your activities in general. What data is needed for your business? How is it processed? What measures have been put in place to protect and ensure its integrity, confidentiality and availability?

  • Of your product/application: the "product" buttons assess the cybersecurity/compliance of data processing in the context of the development of a specific product or application. 

1- Make the most of your cybersecurity commitments

CyberSecura's Cyber Maturity badges are four in number and are awarded according to the level of cyber maturity achieved by the organisation and its ability to address and mitigate cyber risks.


  • Cyber initiated. Process implemented on a case-by-case basis without a method. Your company has mastered the basic rules of cyber security.

  • Cyber audited. The robustness of your product and/or you infrastructure has been tested and security flaws have been corrected.

  • Cyber documented. The processes in place are documented and communicated internally. Your company is aware of the main cybersecurity issues and knows how to deal with the main cyber threats.

  • Cyber governed. The processes in place are monitored, measured and optimised. Your company stands out for it proactive approach to cyber security issues and advanced cyber risk management.

  • Cyber supported.  Your organisation is supported by a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) in managing IT security issues.

  • Cyber trained. Your employees are made aware of and trained in good security practices.

  • Cyber certified. Your organisation is ISO 27001 and/or SOC 2 type II certified.

The appropriate badge level for your level of cyber maturity is determined by Saghar Estehghari, an expert cybersecurity consultant, following her assessment.

2- Make the most of your GDPR compliance commitments

As with the cybersecurity badges, the GDPR compliance badges are issued following any provision of advice, services, support or outsourced management of GDPR compliance.


The badge awarded according to your level of compliance is determined by David Rozier, expert DPO consultant, following his assessments.


There are three levels here:

  • GDPR aware. This level of badge means that your company has initiated a process of compliance of its activities / product. This first level is therefore an indication of your understanding of regulatory compliance issues.

  • GDPR audited. Your organisation has carried out one or more GDPR compliance audits in order to correct compliance gaps.

  • GDPR engaged. This level of badge means that your company has put in place internal procedures and rules to ensure that the data processing carried out in the course of your business is compliant.

  • GDPR governance. This last badge level means that your company has created a real culture of compliance within its teams: regulatory compliance issues are taken into account in daily practices, practices are documented, and a real governance of compliance has been set up in your company.

  • GDPR supported. Your organisation is supported on a day-to-day basis by a DPO (Data Protection Officer) and is fully committed to the process of achieving and maintaining compliance.

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