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Qu'est-ce Audit flash?

What is a GDPR flash audit?

The GDPR flash audit is a compliance audit designed to test and evaluate the level of compliance of an organisation, a product or internal processes. The aim of this audit is to highlight the most critical and priority compliance gaps, in order to correct them before they are exploited or lead to legal, regulatory, financial or other difficulties.


A flash audit is a short, non-exhaustive one-day audit that enables all companies to obtain an overview of the state of their regulatory compliance with the GDPR for a controlled budget and in a short space of time. This audit is particularly suitable if you're short of resources or if you don't need an exhaustive audit, but just a quick one to identify your most obvious compliance gaps.


Why get a flash audit?

The flash audit is particularly well suited to assessing the level of compliance of a new product or service before it is put on the market and made available to customers and users.

You can also request a flash audit to assess priority compliance gaps in an organisation, its internal processes or specific data processing, and if you feel that a more exhaustive audit is not necessary.

Content of the service


This flash audit service includes:

  • a one-day audit;

  • a mapping of the existing situation

  • identification of the most critical and obvious compliance gaps;

  • a detailed report including the audit results and countermeasures.


These deliverables are sent to you by email. In the event of a feedback session, an additional half-day of work will be required.


The deliverables can be delivered in French or English.

Why choose us?

Pourquoi nous?
  • Our wide-ranging experience as DPOs has enabled us to develop our method for achieving and maintaining compliance, which combines pragmatism and transparency.

  • We have extensive experience of data protection in the health sector, notably with the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital, establishments in the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire, inter-company occupational health services, health technology and home health companies, etc. 

  • Strong collaboration between our DPO consultants and our cybersecurity consultants for unrivalled efficiency on certain technical aspects of data security. 

  • We prioritise quality over quantity: our consultants work with a limited number of customers to guarantee services of consistent, expert quality.


Clients testimonials

Jean-Christian Borel, Director Research and Development at AGIR à dom.
Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 11.36.01.png
"We particularly appreciated CyberSecura's expertise, its ability to explain things in simple terms, its availability, but also its human approach. David Rozier was quick to understand our needs, and the relationship was very simple from the start."
Raian Keddous, Founder of Be On
"I found the audit very rewarding, very adapted to my profile: it was about me. [...] I recommend CyberSecura for their expertise but also for their very good knowledge of the start-up world."

After a flash audit service

Following a flash audit, you can continue your efforts to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance by:

  • more exhaustive GDPR compliance audits;

  • outsourced DPO support on a time-sharing basis.

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