Our disruptive innovation in cybersecurity services

A unique offer so you finally deal with your cybersecurity, despite time and budget pressure.

At your pace, because your teams should not be at the disposal of consulting firms.

At a unified low-budget contract, because you cannot afford to spend time and funds on multiple contracts for all your security needs.


A low-constraints high-impact coaching scheme, with CyberSecura experts at your side.


01 / Adhesion Flash-audit

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02 / Reactive online expertise

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03 / Quarterly update of audits

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04 / Monthly coaching video-conference session

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05 / Regular training webinars

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06 / Commercial advantages

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07 / Premium options

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163€ / month

For 1-year contract

190€ / month

For 3-month contract


To sum-up, what services can I get when I become a CS-Access member ?

Simply by becoming a member of CS-Access, during your period of subscription, you will get :

  • A diagnostic flash-audit via video-conferencing, undertaken on the basis of information you provide during one session of work, together with a diagnostic report.

  • An assistance by email on a dedicated address for Cs-Access, with a prompt answer for all questions that can receive a quick answer. Questions requiring an in-depth exchange with you will be dealt with during our monthly video-conferencing coaching session.

  • A monthly video-conference coaching session, during which we investigate and provide an answer to your complex technical questions or interrogations about management of security for your activity.

  • A quarterly update for the flash-audit, remotely, in order to take into account all modifications and evolution.

  • Regular training sessions, through webinars, about various technical and organizational cybersecurity subjects.

  • A status of privileged customers at CyberSecura, enabling you to contract extra premium services at a 10% discount price compared to public price.

  • A status of privileged customers within our network of partner editors and vendors of security solutions, so you can save on purchases of hardware and software solutions, at a discount depending on the negotiated tarrif with each partner.

How can I become a member?

Just drop us a request at contact@cybersecura.com and you will receive your membership contract.

My solution/my product is not finalized yet: should I wait or become a member now?

It is more efficient to work on the security of a product when this is undertaken early in the development of the product, even during the design phase. become a member as early as possible so that all the best choices are made from the start and your company does not get successfully attacked!

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